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Our Mission

Vision-Aid's mission is to help those who suffer from vision-related disabilities in under-served areas to lead lives of independence and dignity. More than 40 million people in the world are blind, and more than 120 million people have significant Low Vision conditions that cannot be corrected, cured, or treated by conventional refraction, medicine, or surgery. And unfortunately, this number is only going to grow: the World Health Organization expects the blind and Low Vision population to double by the year 2020. Vision-Aid is an organization dedicated to helping those afflicted by vision-related disabilities in India.

Our Vision

Vision-Aid's goal is to facilitate the creation of a network of vision rehabilitation centers in under-served areas of developing countries that will operate on a non-profitable and charitable basis by 2020 (in alignment with the WHO Vision 2020 initiative. These centers shall offer high-quality vision rehabilitation services that will help visually impaired people reach their fullest potential.

The leadership team fully realizes that the long-term vision outlined here is an ambitious one in terms of its scope and reach. To succeed in this mission, Vision-Aid will need the support and cooperation of many like-minded organizations and individuals. We feel fortunate that in a relatively short span of time we have already found many friends and we welcome anyone else who is interested in partnering with us to contact us.

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Our Mission

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