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Beyond Samprati, Beyond Time

Mr. Ram Raju, Executive Director of Vision Aid USA

 The colorful memories from “Samprati, Beyond Time” will remain etched in our minds! While we will always continue to cherish them, the Vision-Aid team is already looking ahead to the next step!


The next exciting chapter – investing the valuable funds that we raised to go to work immediately in our programs to reach the visually disadvantaged in under-served regions.


3 New locations!

The Vision Aid India team in a group photograph.

Thanks to Samprati, we raised the funding needed to launch new programs in 3 locations in India this year – Berhampur, Kanyakumari and Aligarh. For a profile of each of these organizations, and other Vision-Aid partners, please click here





July 2015 Kickoff

A class undergoes instruction in the Vision Aid Vizag training program.


On July 27, 2015, our pilot partner in Vizag facilitated a kick off training program. Representatives from the Milton school for the Handicapped (Berhampur), CADRE (Kanyakumari) , Roman Catherine School for the Blind, Seva Bharathi (Mangalore) and other partners organizations are participating in a week long workshop. During this workshop, they will work one-on-one with instructors at our Vizag center to learn new skills and techniques that they will carry back to their respective locations. 


Next Steps


The July 2015 kickoff is just the first milestone in the exciting journey for the visually challenged students that these locations support. Next steps will include the installation of the Vision-Aid Online Academy stations at each location, deputation of trainers to their location to ensure a smooth launch of the VOA in each location, followed by regular Vison-Aid classes for visually impaired students in each location.


The Vision-Aid Challenge


Do you want to launch a Vision-Aid program in your own town or village in India? You can. Click here to read more about our new initiative, or watch the video of the announcement at our 2015 event


Stay Connected!

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Thank you!

Ramakrishna Raju

Founder, Executive Director

On behalf of the Vision-Aid Team


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Friday, 23 February 2018

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