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Nikita Minocha's Blog - Why I love being a part of Vision-Aid events


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Another year has passed and it is now my fourth time participating in the annual Vision Aid production. 


Each time, I am left with a greater understanding for this crazy thing we call “dance”. I say goodbye to one more summer with new memories and experiences. I am delighted to be involved in ‘Samprati – Beyond Time’, a dance ballet that will surely be worthwhile.


               There is an aspect of these shows that deeply humbles me: it is for an amazing cause. Vision Aid volunteers and leaders spend hours working for something that brings hope to people. We have been blessed with healthy lives and this comes with great responsibility. I always love doing things for others and I know how small actions go a long way. Attending the show will benefit those who are visually impaired and that, itself, should compel people to buy tickets and support the fundraiser.


               Of course, dance is also equally essential. Over 40 dancers from the New England area have been putting their effort into making this a success. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Padmini Ravi, a renowned choreographer. She has been kind enough to share her expertise and mold us into the best dancers we can be. Her style is unique and she has gone past the boundaries of Bharatanatyam to explore different techniques. I particularly enjoy the semi-classical movement and beautiful music.


               After our first day with Padmini Auntie, I knew this would be valuable for me because I have been learning the true meaning of hard work. Auntie provides her students with determination to improve as dancers and as people. She demonstrates how ‘abhinaya’, or expression, can help relate to life experiences. There is so much more to dance than what you see on stage and the process is just as important as the end result. Dance has become my lifestyle and is changing my perspective on the world. I would not be the person I am today without long rehearsals, strong friendships, and talented teachers.


               Bharatanatyam has been around for thousands of years and represents a meaningful part of India’s culture. I encourage you to attend the production and witness all of what dance has to offer. Most significantly, you will be supporting a cause where the funds will establish three new Vision Aid locations in India—Kanyakumari, Berhampur and Aligarh. So please come and we hope you are ready to watch a mesmerizing performance! For more information, see:




Come support the cause and the group of talented dancers! For more information on the event, please see:

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Friday, 23 February 2018

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