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When we see a blind person, most of us feel sad, or we may think it is terribly unjust, or even feel a little guilt.

Instead of such emotions – why not try to develop a little empathy? For starters, maybe try to blindfold yourself for an hour. Or do not switch on lights in the evening and live in darkness for just one night. Or sit yourself opposite a TV or Computer, with your eyes closed and trying to make sense by hearing only the sounds. These experiences will begin to shatter your conscience about the unfairness of the vision impaired world. Or why go so far, even? Put away your spectacles depend on touch alone and see how unfair even low vision condition is...

But is it enough to just blame nature or fate for this and let the vision impaired suffer? Or pass by quietly (since they anyway, can’t see you) and try to forget about them as soon as you can?

On the other hand, why not consider this as an opportunity to share your advantage and get joy out of helping them?

But, you may be busy, and perhaps you wish there is “someone” who takes care of them on your behalf?

Well, Yes, there is this “someone” and that someone is the dedicated team at Vision Aid. Join them today –no need of spending a lot of time or money-just contribute what you can, in terms of money or time, and  help to actually realize the difference you want to make.

It is a fact that many types of vision impairment are not removable but Vision Aid will show you how the disability caused by impairment is indeed removable!

 Here are some facts:

  • Vision Aid’s standardized programs are enabling   100's of impaired persons, making them fit for higher education and   productive jobs.
  • Sighted teachers in the 100's are getting trained for Inclusive education.
  • Vision Aid’s Low cost assistive devices are reaching the Vision Impaired at their doorstep by mail order
  • Blindness, Low Vision and their Management are getting de-mystified by the popular publications of Vision Aid

Wait no longer – come and join our cause to help bring light into the lives of many! 

Making inclusive education a reality
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Friday, 23 February 2018

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