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The first indication of a great summer starts when you begin check mark weekend after weekend with Dance / Arangetram invitations and Evites!  The most I look forward every year is the “VisionAid Fundraiser” which has become the premiere dance event of NewEngland.



I consider myself very fortunate to be able to take part in the previous sold out productions such as “Krishna”, “Silappathikaram”, “Nava vidha Bhakthi” and “Soora Samharam”.  This year we are staging “The Dancer’s Pledge” - a grand dance production by Guru Madurai R Muralidharan. Guru Muralidharan needs no introduction to the Boston bharatanatyam scene. He is a master class composer, choreographer , dancer  and  director.


Sivagamiyin sabadham - “The Dancer’s Pledge” is the perfect canvas for a grand dance production of this magnitude.  This epic  has it all  - a great dancer whose heavenly beauty and grace is matched only by her grit and compassion to humanity, the crown prince torn between his love for Sivakami and duty as a son, the king devising schemes in various ways to protect his country and people from war, an equally powerful and cunning enemy king, a staunch commander who puts patriotism and friendship above all,  a crazy monk with venomous mind that can overthrow kingdoms and several more characters in all shades of emotions.


The story  happens in 7th century - the time where  two dynasties,  Pallavas and Chalukyas were growing and competing forces in the south. Great religious works were composed by scholars during that period.  Great innovations in art and sculpture were giving raise to temples everywhere. The world famous shore temple stands as a monument to  that days artistry.


That is for the background. So what are we planning for you ?  What kind of dances are there? Will there be colorful costumes, eye catching props ? Have the rehearsal started ?  Can we get some glimpses of the dance?  YES!!!   Watch out this space as we get more details in the following weeks!


Please reserve your tickets now at : - Come Enjoy the show and help VisionAid make a change in so many lives.


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