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“Satyam Shivam Sundaram” The belief, that the greatest beauty is the absolute truth that reveals the divine within, is woven into the very fabric of an Indian existence.
 There are many paths to attain this absolute state, or “sat-chit-ananda”, where you are completely aware of this blissful state and nothing else. To me that final state is achieved through dance. It is my prayer, my nourishment, my very breath. To create beauty that embraces the moment and conceives the notion of bliss is the ultimate goal of this absolution, my total immersion in art. 
A skilled artist pours his soul into the art and brings it forth for rasikas to see and enjoy. This is perhaps the most profound experience, both for the artist and the audience. That experience, that “rasanubhava”, an idea of service to humanity. What better way to feed your own vitality than to bring joy to another? To give is the greatest karma and Vision Aid gives me the opportunity to serve as I myself gain and grow. 
To many, experiencing rasa requires the uses of all senses. The audience has a visceral connection with the art. They need to hear, feel, smell, taste, see; to connect with the medium in order to realize the truth and beauty, and to commune with the divine. Those who have attended Vision Aid productions over the years bears witness to this unique tickling of the five senses. 
But, here I pause for thought… 
We take it for granted that we can use all our senses and experience this aestheticism. Imagine yourself, not just an enthusiast, but a true rasika capable of being in that blissful zone, suddenly bereft of one of your senses. What would you do? Had you the means and a clear blue print of life to come, would you not execute that plan and live a fruitful life? Would you not still enjoy beauty and create your own bliss? There are so many in the world who have neither the means nor the opportunity to beat their impairment. In raising funds through art full of rich sensuality and imagery, Vision Aid raises our awareness of the visually impaired, who have the same aspirations and dreams as you do. Those able men and women deserve there own slice of bliss, their own “rasanubhava”. 
Vision Aid, much like the artist, brings light into the lives of these extraordinary people and helps them lead an independent, productive, and happy life. To serve such a worthy cause, one has to rise above their art and bring joy to hundreds of lives. Wouldn’t you want to be part of this surge and bring bright rays of hope and delight?


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Friday, 23 February 2018

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