Meet Vision-Aid's Partners in India (2015)

Vision-Aid programs at work in 2015

 A teacher from Vision Aid instructs a visually impaired student about computer applications using a computer screen.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

(Vision-Aid programs started 2004)

Vision Aid Charitable Services Society (VACS) in Vizag is the flagship partner for Vision-Aid USA. It operates a center in Dwarkanagar, Visakhapatnam, offering 4 comprehensive courses in Computer Applications for the visually impaired. The Vizag team also offers training camps in surrounding blind schools and delivers online classes that are streamed to several remote locations over the internet through the Vision-Aid Online Academy (VOA), in collaboration with


Kolkata, West Bengal

Two young children in Kolkata's Vision Aid program.

(Vision-Aid programs started in 2012)

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Center, located in Salt Lake area of Kolkata, is a leading eye care provider in the city. Susrut offers state of the art services at an affordable cost to all sections of society and partners with Vision-Aid to offer free low vision screening and vision rehabilitation services in its base hospital as well as thorough its rural outreach program.


 Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Students from the Ahmadi School for the Blind in front of a podium.

(Vision-Aid programs started in 2015)

The Ahmadi School for the Blind in Aligarh is one of India's oldest blind schools, being established in 1927. The school already has a computer training lab. In 2015, Vision-Aid is establishing a partnership to setup a Vision-Aid Online Academy Station (VOS) to allow students at the school to participate in Vision-Aid courses. Vision-Aid will also provide free laptops to the blind students in the school.


Mangalore, Karnataka

Students from Seva Bharathi's Roman and Catherine Lobo School for the Blind lined up outside of classrooms.

 (Vision-Aid programs started in 2013)

Seva Bharathi, a non-profit volunteer-driven service organization was set up in 1991 to help people in distress. Vision-Aid works with Seva Bharathi's Roman & Catherine Lobo School for the Blind to offer computer training to school students as well as other local visually impaired residents in the area.


Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

 A student of CADRE India learning on a computer.


(Vision-Aid programs started in 2015)

CADRE-India is a volunteer driven organization working in partnership with the rural poor of India in the southern tip of India –Kanyakumari. Established in 1993, Cadre has a proven track record of service to the disabled and poor. Starting in 2015, Vision-Aid will deliver online classes through the Vision-Aid Online Academy to students at CADRE. 


Berhampur, Odisha

Students at the Milton School taking an online course.


(Vision-Aid programs started in 2015)

Milton Charitable Foundation for The Visually Handicapped is a volunteer-driven, non-profit working for the welfare of the poor and down trodden, visually handicapped children and adults. Their center is located at Berhampur of Ganjam district Odisha, South India.  Starting in 2015, Vision-Aid will deliver online classes through the Vision-Aid Online Academy to students at Milton School.







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Vision-Aid Partner Nethra leverages technology to help Students take exams Independently

Vision-Aid Partner Nethra leverages technology to help Students take exams Independently

Traditionally, blind or visually impaired students have always had to rely on scribes, someone who would read and write for them, to take exams. Students, often faced difficulty using  scribes. The scribes were not trained and qualified. They would interpret and enter answers incorrectly, leaving the visually impaired students frustrated.

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Spring 2018 Python Programming Classes has some Path Breakers

Vision-Aid’s Spring semester of programming classes is currently underway. There are 15 students enrolled from all over India, and an equal number of volunteer mentors experienced in teaching programming from both the US and India, in the 10-week long training.

This is the fourth such batch. The classes are progressing wonderfully.

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Vision-Aid's Year a Glance

Thanks to our amazing supporters, partners and well-wishers, the past year has been a fantastic year at Vision-Aid. New locations, additional programs and several innovations came together to create a very rewarding year for the Vision-Aid team, benefiting the many visually impaired people we are serving.


For more details see The year at a glance...

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