Vision-Aid at Boston Accessibility Round Table

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The Vision-Aid team was invited by the Boston Accessibility RoundTable to present at its meetup in Cambridge.  It was an excellent meeting where the Vision-Aid team met some interesting and inspiring people, all doing wonderfully innovative things to make our world more accessible to people with disabilities.  

We presented the work Vision-Aid is doing , including the recent experiences with  teaching programming to the visually impaired. We also presented Vision-Aid's use of MOOC’s like edX to help our students reach their highest potential. Also participating were thought leaders from the accessibility community, edX and the state of MA. We had a lively and productive discussion about how to work together in our respective endeavors to enable the visually impaired to find independence and dignity.

Vision-Aid at Boston Accessibility Round Table presenting Bhargav storyVision-Aid at Boston Accessibility Round TableVIsion-Aid directors presentingPresentation by Vision-AidVision-Aid at Boston Accessibility Round Table