Vision-Aid forges a new partnership with Our Space Our Place

While many in the Vision-Aid team are focused on the upcoming annual event, some of our team members, are off forging new alliances to increase our outreach.
Vision-Aid is pleased to announce the partnerhip with Boston based NGO Our Space, Our place , to support a coding camp for the visually impaired in July 2016, in Cambridge, MA. 

Our Space Our Place (OSOP) is a non-profit organization, offering a respectful, accessible and fun environment for elementary and high school students who are legally blind to participate in team sports, the arts, community service and mentoring. They offer programs for students who live in Boston and its surrounding communities. 

Vision-Aid is collaborating with 'Our Space, Our Place' for a Coding Camp to be held in the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge, MA, during the  week of July 10-14, 2017.

Vision-aid volunteers, Sonal Patel and Shweta Iyer, will be helping remote students in other parts of the United States of America, to participate in this camp in Cambridge, MA. Our Space Our Place founder, Cheryl Cumings had earlier heard about Vision-Aid's successful coding programs, taught virtually, to students in India. OSOP requested Vision-Aid to help them scale up their own classes, via remote participation.

Vision-Aid readily agreed to partner in this camp. They will be helping remotely located students integrate with the camp participants, on site at Cambridge, MA. The camp is a week-long coding workshop in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Visually challenged students will learn to develop accessible websites during this camp.  


The participants will also meet professional coders, video game makers and other professionals in the technology sector and explore various career options in the exciting world of technology.  In addition to the workshop, there will be guest lectures during the week. Practitioners of various coding and accessibility related areas will give lectures designed to educates students to explore various career options after learning to code.  One of Vision-Aid's former students, Bhargav, now a Vision-Aid volunteer, will be a guest speaker. He will share his journey in the technology field starting from learning to code to participating in hackathons to becoming a successful technology professional.


Vision-aid thanks its volunteers, well-wishers, donors and corporate sponsors, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare and Turkish Airlines for their support, which is helping us to reach out to new territories with new programs and initiatives. A special vote of heartfelf gratitude to Sonal, Shweta and Bhargav, for their amazing contribution to Vision-Aid and Our Space, Our Place.


From Left to right - Sonal (Vision-Aid) , Cheryl (OSOP), Shweta (Vision-Aid) , Lynette (OSOP) and Maria (OSOP)

Vision-Aid with Our space our place 

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