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Vision-Aid invites you to the upcoming Boston Conference on Accessibility (Nov 2, 2019)

Vision-Aid invites all Boston area friends to attend the Boston Accessibility Conference. It will be held in the Fidelity Offices of Downtown Boston on Saturday November 2nd. Registration is free, but on first come, first serve basis, so please register early. Vision-Aid hopes to see the Vision-Aid family and donors at the event, to support their work. It is also a great opportunity to hear many amazing speakers from all over the US talking about a range of topics relating to disability and accessibility.

This year, Vision-Aid is especially pleased to organize a keynote panel focused on Accessibility Testing. At this time several visually impaired students from all over India are enrolled in Vision-Aid's first-ever semester long course on Accessibility Testing. They are all learning deep skills in this space and aspire to become employed as Accessibility Testers. For more details and to meet them, click here. Vision-Aid is organizing this panel to shine a light on the benefits and challenges of employing visually impaired to become accessibility testers.


Date: November 2nd (Saturday)

Conference Panel: Accessible Accessibility Testing

Sponsored by Vision-Aid!

  • What are the advantages of having people with disabilities do accessibility testing?
  • What are some of the challenges of having people with disabilities conduct WCAG 2.x compliance testing?
  • How can these challenges be overcome?
  • Are accessibility-testing tools accessible?
  • If a company wants to conduct usability testing with people with disabilities, how could it get started?
  • If people with disabilities want to get paid to do accessibility and/or usability testing, how could they get started?


Glends Sims

Glenda Sims, Accessibility Lead, Deque Systems, Inc.


Becky Gibson, Senior Accessibility Strategist, Knowbility
Cheryl Cumings, Founder, Our Space Our Place
Jeanne Spellman, Senior Accessibility Specialist, The Paciello Group
Karl Groves,  Accessibility-as-a-service expert, Tenon
Ram Raju, Founder and Executive Director, Vision-Aid
Rich Caloggero, Accessibility Testing, MIT

Conference Link (Free Registration):

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