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Vision-Aid Online Academy Successfully Launched!

The Vision-Aid Online Academy was successfully launched on December 29, 2014. The packed event held in Vizag, was covered by multiple media outlets. Some of the links are provided below. Vision-Aid sincerely thanks all supporters who made this new and innovative accomplishment possible.

The New Indian Express:

The Hindu:

Vision Aid board members stand for a picture. 

 Vision Aid board members seated at the Vizag conference.

 Vision Aid team member views a demo of an online course.

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Virtual Online Academy Technology

Please check out this video clip showing one of our instructors in the Vision-Aid Vizag Center teaching two students in Kolkata using the new virtual online academy technology.




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Equipping teachers to help blind and low vision school children

St Mary Centenary College of Education (SMCCE) Gnanapuram. (Near Vizag) is one of the biggest Teacher training colleges of the country turning out B. Ed. Degree graduates and D Ed. Diploma’s for teachers. 
Through Vision-Aid’s arrangement with SMCCE we deliver our ACA (Administration of Computer Applications) course via extracurricular training camps, to their B.Ed. and D.Ed. student. The goal is   get the teachers better equipped   for universal inclusive education of disabled children slated for introduction in India by 2020.  
For the valedictory function for 2014, the Principal asked the students to gather in the college, invited   Mr. M.S.Raju, President of Vision-Aid India to be the Chief Guest and to deliver ACA certificates to successful trainees.
The training of these teachers equips them to better serve visually disabled children in an integrated classroom setting is made possible at significantly subsidized costs, thanks to the generous support of Vison-Aid donors. We are always ready to subsidize such camps

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Donate your used Laptop, iPhone or Tablet to a blind student!

Vision-Aid, in partnership with Samarthanam USA is excited to offer a Laptop/iPhone donation program at this year's annual event on July 27th. Please bring an old or used (but working) PC or Mac laptop or a working tablet/iPhone to the Vision Aid event and let a visually impaired student at The Samarthanam School for the Blind or at a Vision-Aid Center, benefit from your device. The blind use computers to access programs and information just like anyone else. They just use special Text-to-speech software. You can also see a demo of such a "talking laptop" for yourself! Please just make sure that the laptop or tablet/iPhone IS IN WORKING CONDITION and NO MORE THAN FIVE YEARS OLD, and includes the power/charging cord. Samarthanam’s IT staff will clean the hard drive and install new OS and special ‘talking’ software and make sure it gets into the hands of a visually impaired student in India. Samarthanman USA will also issue a tax deductible receipt for this donation. We are also looking for volunteers who can help to transport such laptops or devices to Bangalore, India on their next trip, and would gladly welcome any volunteer who can help in this regard. Such Donations may be made after the event also. For more information please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (781) 333 5252.


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Vision Wand Launched!

Vision-Aid launched "Vision-Wand", its latest innovative assistive device for the visually impaired. This low-cost innovation uses modern sensor based technology (ultra-sound /infra-red) to help provide easy orientation and mobility for visually impaired persons . It alerts users about obstacles in their path via audio signals and vibrations. This patent-pending innovation is the latest in a series of low-cost, high impact devices pioneered by Vision-Aid. The launch was held on Dec 30 2013 at a media and public meet hosted by the Rotary Club of Waltair, Visakhapatnam, India, and covered in both the national print media and cable TV. 

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Thank you Nikita

The Vision-Aid team thanks and congratulates Nikita Minocha on her successful arangetram  and for her inspired decision to donate all the gifts received at the event to help make a difference in the lives of the visually impaired through her wonderful dance program.  Read more about Nikita's arangetram here!

Nikita graduated with flying colors under the guidance of her renowned dance guru, Ranjani Saigal of Boston, and with the support and love of her family and friends!

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Vision-Aid Stall at i3 expo draws huge interest

Vision-Aid was invited to setup a booth at the National Expo on Ideas, Inventions and Innovations, on 27 - 30 Sep at Codissa convention Centre Coimbatore

The items we are exhibiting include the following Vision-Aid innovations

  • Camera Cat
  • Camera Mouse
  • Reading Stand
  • Fresnel’s
  • Copies of books MVI, EVD and O&M

Vision Aid Stall 76,  is having excellent visitor turnout and response. So much so that, by middle of second day Sep. 28th, all the items put out for demo have been reserved for sale (Buyers will return at end of event to pick up)


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Thank you Bhoomika and Jeyanthi Ghatraju!

The Vision-Aid Team thanks Bhoomika Kumar of Dallas, for her inspired efforts to help make a difference in the lives of the visually impaired through her upcoming dance program. See Bhoomika’s message here!

Bhoomika and her renowned dance guru, Jeyanthi Ghatraju of Boston jointly performed at Dallas to raise funds for Vision-Aid. More about Jeyanthii Ghatraju's background and numerous accomplishments can be found here

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Thank you, Dominic Tait!

All of us at Vision-Aid are inspired, humbled and gratified with the incredible gesture from Dominic Tait,  a Canadian Ninth-Grader, who went above and beyond all expectations, to make a very valuable contribution to Vision-Aid. Dominic- we are proud of you and grateful for not only the efforts you put in to raise funds to help many needy blind and low vision children in India,  but also for the great awareness you are bringing to your community about this important cause! Congratulations!

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