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Welcome to Vision-Aid

Enabling, Educating and Empowering the visually impaired to live with independence and dignity.

Through our network of Vision-Aid resource centers across India and our rich offering of online programs Vision-Aid provides a comprehensive range of devices , training and services which offers holistic vision enhancement and vision rehabilitation programs for adults and children who are blind or who have low vision. Vision-Aid innovative programs have won national and international awards and helps to bring independence and dignity to over twenty thousand visually impaired each year. Please watch this short video for a quick summary of our work

Come join hands with us – your support at any level can make a difference – whether it is providing an assistive device or supporting training and education or helping us start a new center, your support at any level is welcome and will help us create a lasting impact!

What's New

Ritu Jain: A Journey of Resilience and Success 
Ritu Jain, born and raised in Delhi, led a normal childhood with full sight. She completed her schooling through the CBSE Board in Delhi in 2003 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Ayurvedic and Medical Science from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2009. 
Shubhra’s Journey: From Vision Loss to Career Success 
Meet Shubhra, a determined and ambitious individual from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Born with normal vision, Shubhra completed her schooling in 2009 at India International School, Jaipur, where she pursued a commerce stream. However, during her first year of graduation, she began facing issues with night vision, such as difficulty in driving, walking, and reading small fonts. These problems gradually extended to the daytime as well. 
Achievements of VTRC Nasik with Vision Aid Support 
The Vocational Training Rehabilitation Center (VTRC) in Nasik, part of the National Federation of the Blind, Maharashtra (NFBM), has been providing invaluable training to visually-challenged individuals since its establishment in 2000. This residential center houses 30 students and offers comprehensive training in computer basics and advanced IT skills, certified by the Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation (MKCL), and the Pune Technical Board. 
Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day: “Built without Barrier” Symposium 
On May 16th this year, we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day by conducting a virtual symposium hosted by Vision-Aid. The event focused on empowering inclusion through digital accessibility under the theme “Built without Barrier”. The symposium featured a keynote lecture by Mr. Atul Ranjan Sahay, a Disability & Inclusion Consultant, Honorary General Secretary of NAB Jharkhand, and former executive with the TATA Group. Additionally, we had a panel discussion with visually impaired professionals from various industries. 
Overcoming Challenges: The Inspiring Journey of Disha Jain 
The life story of Disha Jain is an inspiring example of tenacity, willpower, and flexibility. Due to her birth defect of retinal pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative eye disease, Disha faced major challenges in her educational and professional endeavours. Nevertheless, she managed to seize the opportunities because of her persistent determination, which turned out to be an inspiration to a lot of others. 
Highlights of Vision-Aid Programs across India – In the past quarter
In the heart of our mission to serve the visually impaired, we present a snapshot of the profound impact achieved during October – December 2023. All our Vision-Aid programs has empowered us to touch the lives of over five thousand visually impaired across India, spreading the light of hope and opportunity. 
Empowering Youth: Highlights of Summer Camp 2024
From March 21st to March 30th, 2024, the NFBM Jagriti School Skill Development Center hosted a dynamic summer camp, sponsored by Vision-Aid India Ltd., aimed at nurturing diverse skills among young participants. 
Pratik’s journey overcoming obstacles to IT achievement.
Meet Pratik Ghag, a Mumbai marvel who's mastered the art of overcoming obstacles with unmatched determination. Born with 80 percent sight, Pratik's journey took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with vision issues in the fifth grade due to Optic Disc Pallor and Macular Dystrophy. Despite this, he powered through his education in a regular school, relying on classmates for assistance and positioning himself strategically in the front row to see the Black board. Remarkably, he tackled exams single-handedly, proving his resilience from an early age.
Sumit Garg’s journey is a testament to his resilience, determination, and commitment to excellence.
Meet Sumit Garg, a remarkable individual from Delhi with an inspiring journey . At the age of 12, despite being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition first affected his night vision and gradually led to the loss of his peripheral vision, he never gave up on his dreams. He completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya  and earned a degree in Computer Science from Rajasthan Technical University.  
Anuradha and Prashanth Palakurthi to highlight Impactful Initiatives for Visually Impaired Children at Vision-Aid’s 2024 Spring Fundraiser
Vision-Aid is preparing for another remarkable, sold-out event in Lexington titled "Thoda Rang Thodi Masti" – a dynamic Bollywood musical extravaganza by the widely acclaimed Din Check Band. This event is dedicated to raising funds for children afflicted with Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI), which is the foremost cause of childhood blindness worldwide. This year, Vision-Aid is celebrating twenty years of enabling, educating and empowering over 100,000 visually impaired in India since its inception in 2004.
Syam Babu: A Journey of Strength
Syam Babu's journey from a rural village to success is a testament to resilience and determination. Hailing from Ambapuram in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, Syam's life changed when he visited the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Vijayawada for an eye check-up.

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