2022 Event Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Pricing:

Please note: Sponsors pledging $10,000 & above will be gratefully invited to speak at the annual event as our guests of honor. 

All other sponsors will be gratefully acknowledged at the Annual Event slide show, in accordance with the level of sponsorship.

    • $25,000+ – Grand Sponsor
    • $20,000+ – Visionary
    • $15,000+ – Catalyst
    • $10,000+ – Platinum
    • $ 7,500+ – Sapphire
    • $5,000+ – Diamond
    • $2,500+ – Emerald
    • $1,500+ – Ruby
    • $1,000+ – Gold
    • $500+ – Silver
    • $250+ – Classic 

For more details about the event, please click here!

Brochure Advertisements:

Advertisers will be featured in our high quality e-brochure (see samples below), as well as online, via our web site and in our event promotional emails. Our event is expected to have over 1000 participants and our web site and promotional emails reach thousands of people, all of whom will see your ad. and also appreciate your support to Vision-Aid!
  • Full Page Outside Back Cover: $2,500 (will be also featured in live event slide show with Emerald sponsors)
  • Full Page (Premier placement): $1,000 (will be also featured in live event slide show with Gold Sponsors)
  • Full page (Standard Placement): $500 (will be also featured in live event slide show with Silver sponsor)
  • Half-page Inside: $275
  • Quarter page Inside: $150
  • Family Sponsor: $150 a quarter-page ad honouring your loved ones.

Advertisement Sizing, Resolution and Submission Guidelines

The minimum size for the ads are as follows:
Width x height

8.5″ x 11″  – full page ad
8.5″ x 5.5″ – half page
4.25 x 5.5 – quarter page

4.25 x 2.75 – 1/8th note
Image File Type and Resolution Submitted Ads should have at least 150dpi resolution.  The ads can be in any of these file formats: .PSD, .AI, .PDF, .JPG.  Please email ads or any questions to info@visionaid.org

Sample Brochures from Past Vision-Aid Events:

Vision-Aid 2021 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2020 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2019 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2018 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2017 Event - Charmer, Warrior, Guide

Vision-Aid 2016 Event - The Iconic Avatar

Vision-Aid 2015 Event - Samprati - Beyond Time

Vision-Aid 2012 Event - The Slaying of the Demons

Vision-Aid 2011 Event - Nine Pathways to Devotion

Vision-Aid 2011 Event - Nine Pathways to Devotion

Vision-Aid 2014 Event - The Dancer's Pledge

Vision-Aid Event Tickets/Donations

Live Event Tickets – SOLD OUT!

The in-person event at the Mosesian Theater is now sold out. Zoom tickets are still available. Please join us on Zoom, and enjoy the visual treat while supporting the visually impaired. 

Sponsors Welcome

When you become a sponsor, you are not just supporting this amazing event. Your generous support has an year-long impact in the lives of the visually impaired. Sponsors will be provided Zoom passes to the show. Sponsors looking for tickets to the in-person event, please email us at tickets@visionaid.org to confirm in person event ticket availability. We will gratefully acknowledged all sponsors at the event , in our brochure and website. Please click here for more details! for sponsorship.

Virtual (Zoom) Tickets 

The show will also be streamed virtually so audiences anywhere can enjoy it.  Virtual show ticketing is open now and you can purchase it right away by using the drop down above. Please allow a few hours for tickets to be processed and sent to you. Our volunteers are processing zoom ticket orders as quickly as possible. Please be assured we will definitely send a zoom registration link to everyone who purchased a zoom ticket ASAP!

Program Summary- An overview of the show!

Thank You Sponsors 2022

Thank you Sponsors!

Diamond Sponsors

  Ruby Sponsors

  • Kamlesh & Puran Dang
  • Urmila Khettry

 Gold Sponsors

  • Harpreet & Karam Singh Burn 
  • Revathy Ramakrishna & Ramakrishna Raju
  • Jaya Vatsyayan & Sudhir Ranjan
  • Neelam & Balbir Sihag

  Silver Sponsors

  • Meenakshi Kulshreshta & Jolly Bhatia
  • Malavika & Sri Koundinya
  • Yogita & Anupam Miharia
  • Preeti & Manoj Munjal
  • Trupti & Nitin Patel
  • Lakshmi & Purnanand Sarma
  • Kuljit & Harpreet Singh Sekhon
  • Shikha & Gaurav Tuli
  • Monika Manocha & Harish Wadhwa

  Bronze Sponsors

  • Brij Anand
  • Sulochana & Dr. Srinivas Devadas
  • Greater Boston Cricket Foundation.
  • Samira Lawande
  • Shobha Parthasarathi 
  • Revathy Mahendra-Rajah 
  • Divya Selhi
  • Sapna Shetty
  • Lovely & Manny Singh
  • Lisa & Cary Sudan

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