AI , Machine Learning and Computer Vision can help the visually impaired become more independent. However, currently available technologies are very expensive. 

Today’s Artificial Intelligence-based glasses available from the USA and Europe are
very expensive (typical price is around INR 400,000) and unaffordable to many in
India. Therefore, Vision-Aid   has been working collaboratively
with its partner SHG Technologies to manufacture and distribute Smart Vision
Glasses in India at a fraction of the cost.


The Smart Vision glass is an innovative Artificial Intelligence based wearable device which can help the visually impaired read, navigate, recognize objects and people. This device is an innovation of SHG Technologies, a Bangalore based technology start-up, in collaboration with Vision-Aid. The reading function supports several Indian languages and can read both printed and handwritten text.

The Artificial Intelligence and built-in navigation capabilities enable the Smart Vision
Glasses to inform the users of the nature of their immediate surroundings, obstacles, locations and even the expression on people’s face with whom they are communicating. It is next best thing to having vision. In essence, it acts as a seeing
eye and a personal assistant. Click here for more information about Smart Vision Glass


The Smart Vision Glass has four important features as part of its innovating design. They are:

Identifying Things Around You

All kinds of objects in front of the device are identified. Few objects which are around us like Outdoor – road, lamp post, zebra crossing, trees and Indoors objects like window, curtain, table, laptop, mobile, bottle. The user gets familiar with their surroundings

Reading Assistance

Helps in reading text / manuscript like printed book, hand written etc. User can pause to understand the text, resume back to continue reading and finally stop the flow of reading. It supports English, Hindi & all Indian regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati.

Walking Assistance

Safety is our number one priority. Walking assistance simply detects if any obstacle is in front of the user by a method of measurement distance and hindrance. Timely voice alerts are given to the user’s precaution

Facial Recognition

Not only does calling someone by their name connect you better with that person, it also increases accountability, trust, empathy, and positive communication. Here we have Facial storage and Face recognition for visually impaired. A facial recognition system is a technology capable of matching a human face from a stored facial database of faces


About 800 visually impaired people have benefitted with the device. Now they can

✓ Read books of their choice (non-Braille coded)
✓ Get to know the things around them
✓ Walk without running into obstacles
✓ Identify their friends and family


Considerable Research and development efforts are being put to implement features that make the device more useful and Vision impaired friendly. The future product will be light weight with electronics built into temples, Improved sensor and AI/ML technology, increasing functions, bone conduction technology and multiple ASP models



Vision-Aid has a long standing relationship with several eye hospitals in India where they work together in providing vision rehabilitation services to people with vision disability. Vision-Aid has a long history of providing low-cost and affordable assistive devices to patients with vision impairment. Vision-Aid, in 2021, partnered with SHG technologies to help manufacture and distribute the smart vision devices to people across India.

In 2022, Vision-Aid jointly with its partner Trees for Life India distributed 100 Smart vision devices to eligible beneficiaries across India. In 2023, Vision-Aid intends to distribute several hundred devices to eligible beneficiaries.

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Smart Vision Glasses - bringing the power of AI and Computer Vision to the Blind and Vision Impaired

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Smart Vision - Bringing the Power of AI to the Blind and Visually Impaired