St Joseph’s School for the Blind, Madurai (SJSB)

The St. Joseph’s School for the blind was started in 1972 in Madurai by the “Servite Sisters”. The school offers education to blind and visually impaired boys and girl students from classes 1 to 12th following the Tamilnadu state government syllabus. The medium of education is Tamil and English is taught as a subject. The school is a government aided institution. There are about 120 students studying here and most of the students come from economically weaker section of the society. The school offers hostel facilities for the students.

In Nov 2021, Vision-Aid and SJSB have entered into a 3 year MoU focused on improving the technical infrastructure at the school as well as providing skill development training programs. In Dec 2021, Vision-Aid supported the school in upgrading the computer lab by providing 4 new computers as well as service their existing computers. The MoU also envisages providing skill development to students in the following areas:

  • Basic Computer Education
  • Spoken English Program at the Beginners Level