Vision-Aid Resource Center Agra

Vision-Aid would like to invite you to this upcoming, important event. Hope you will be able to join us to congratulate and celebrate with many of Vision-Aid’s visually impaired students, who are graduating from training programs in the The Lachman Dass Gupta Vision-Aid Center, in partnership with Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, Delhi.  During the event, you would also have the pleasure of meeting with many of Vision-Aid’s team members and colleagues from Shroff to understand the programs currently underway in Delhi.

Event: Meet and Greet with graduating students, and the team from the Gupta Vision-Aid Center in Delhi 

Date: Sunday April 4 , 10:30 AM EST/8 PM IST 

Duration: Approx. one hour and 15 minutes

Meeting Link: For the Zoom link please RSVP to