Dyuthi Prashanth

As some of you may know, Dyuthi, while deeply immersed in her passion for technology and dance, is also highly committed to making a tangible difference in the community. Her unwavering dedication to VisionAid as a youth ambassador finds its roots in her participation in their captivating fundraiser dance drama productions for the last few years. As a passionate STEM student, Vision Aid’s approach of employing cutting-edge technology to directly impact the lives of visually impaired individuals deeply resonated with her.

Dyuthi wishes to support Vision-Aid through her arangetram. Your presence at her arangetram is truly what matters and will mean the world to her. In lieu of personal gifts, Dyuthi has specifically requested all friends and family to consider making a donation in any amount to Vision-Aid. VisionAid is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit, where the funds are efficiently used to Enable, Educate and Empower visually impaired children and youth, rehabilitating over 10,000 children and youth every year.

Your donations to VisionAid would provide crucial support through low vision screenings and optical assistive devices, smartphones coupled with training in mobile technologies, AI-powered smart vision devices for navigation and computer literacy to name a few. These aim at empowering visually impaired individuals with essential skills for employment and independence. The organization’s work has a direct, positive impact on the lives of visually impaired people, and she hopes that you consider making a contribution.

Vision-Aid offers services in 32 locations across India. To see how your donation goes to work, and to make your donation please see below

What your donation helps us do:

  • $30 will enable a a patient with low vision to get a low vision screening and optical assistive devices.
  • $30 will enable a blind student to get training in Orientation and Mobility.
  • $50 will provide a blind person with an electronic assistive device, helping them become more mobile and independent.
  • $100 will provide a portable electronic magnifier to a low vision student.
  • $150 will provide a free smart-phone to a visually impaired student. Vision-Aid provides free training in mobile technologies.
  • $250 will educate a blind or low vision person with a certificate course in Introduction to Computers.
  • $350 will provide an AI-powered Smart Vision device to a blind person
  • $500 will provide 6 months comprehensive and individualized education leading to a Diploma in Computer Applications.
  • $1000 will provide a full residential scholarship for a Vision Impaired student which includes full coverage of their board and lodging, training and devices for the duration of the 6-month scholarshp. Training includes English, Computers, Mobile Technologies and Coaching for Competitive Exams.
  • Many Higher support levels are also available which can create a lasting impact by creating new Vision-Aid centers or programs. Please contact info@visionaid.org for more details. 

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