Type of Intervention Intervention - Intend / Target Audience Transformation Opportunities
01 Orientation & Mobility training Orientation & Mobility training to help the visually impaired learn to navigate safely in challenging surroundings  
02  Computer training

A range of training programs (one week to 6 months) to build proficiency in Computers skills. This includes suitable assistive technology and training in basic, intermediate and advanced computer applications like Word, Excel, Email and Internet use.

  • Introductory Course in Computer Applications
  • Certificate Course in Computer Applications
  • Diploma Course in Computer Applications
  • Administrators Course in Computer Applications
  • Computer Programming story
  • Python Programming story
  • 03 Mobile Technologies Educating and enabling use of various Apps for navigation, mobility and other functions.  
    04  Special Skills Training  

    This includes:

    • Computer programming Training
    • Digital Accessibility Testing Training (DATT)
    • Test Preparation for Banking and Govt. jobs
    • Training in MOOCs
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    05  Braille Training and Resources  Including advanced Braille devices  
    06  Livelihood and Employment Assistance  

    Including job placement assistance, job skills training, advanced training programs including computer programming, spoken English,  etc. (Currently offered via both the Vision-Aid Online Academy and residential scholarship programs)

    • Scholarship Training programs
    • Job Interview training
    • Soft Skills training
    07 Life Skills  
    • Activities of Daily Living: Examples include ADLs like safe cooking for visually impaired housewives
    • Exercise and physical fitness, recreational activities (for example Yoga)
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    08  Spoken English Training  
    • Spoken English (Beginners)
    • Spoken English (Intermediate)


    Vision-Aid proposes this learning path for students to follow towards achieving their aspirations. Vision-Aid has two overarching Goals, and that includes:1. Employment2. EmpowermentFollow the path, and with effort and hard work, you will march towards success in your career.