Braille by Sight

Course Overview


This course helps trainers and professionals learn to read braille by seeing, hearing and doing, while having fun along the way.

This course recommends the learner to flow through its content in the order of letters, then numbers, followed by punctuation; which thereafter equips the learner to use Braille. Also covered topics including Fractions, Money, Time, and Capital letters. 

Target Audience

Open to sighted tutors/trainers, and visually impaired students who are interested to know more about their rights.

Course Delivery Mode

Online / E-Learning (Self-paced)

Course Details

  • Curriculum: Developed by Hadley, USA
  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Classroom Strength: 10-12 Students per Instructor for more personalized attention to each student.
  • Recognition: Vision-Aid provides a Certificate of Completion
  • Recommended next course:Life Skills


Equip trainers and vision professionals with the ability to read from Braille-based material

Course Category:

Vision Professionals