Python Programming - Advanced

Course Overview


This course teaches the basics of Python language, and trains students to use Python to create software applications. 

A few topics covered  in this course include Installing and Using Python, Variables and Expressions, Conditional code, Functions, Loops and Iteration, and about Strings, Files, Lists, Dictionaries & Tuples.

Target Audience

Students who have exposure to progra m1ning concepts, and familiarity with other program1ning languages such as C, C++

Course Delivery Mode

Face-to-face, Instructor Led Virtual classes.

Course Details

  • Curriculum: Developed by Vision-Aid in collaboration with University of Michigan.
  • Duration: 4-6 months | 120 mins a week
  • Classroom Strength: 10 Students per Instructor for more personalized attention to each student.
  • Recognition: Vision-Aid provides a Certificate of Completion
  • Recommended next course: Corporate Skill Development, Certificate course in Computer Application, Diploma in Computer Application.


To develop skills to write advanced applications using Python Programming language.

Course Category:

Technical Skills