Type of Intervention Intervention - Intend / Target Audience Transformation Opportunities
01  Counseling and Referral services
  • Emotional, psychological counseling referral, sharing informing on
their rights and benefits and providing a list
of resource referrals and career counseling. Includes information on government schemes, Rights of Persons with Disabilities, training programs for sighted teachers and a helpline.
  • Disability Rights Training
02  Advocacy & Outreach
  • Advocate for societal awareness programs, industry sensitization, policy changes
  • Teacher Training program
03 Training and Professional Developments
  • Vision-Aid Online Academy (VOA)
  • Skills training programs to train the trainers
04 Research & Development To foster innovation in devices and services, paper publications, conferences, etc.  
05 Conferences & Events Participate in conferences to improve public awareness to Vision-Aid and expand visibility of the organization.  Read More