Enlighten Their Future: Digital Empowerment for 300 Vision-Aid Champions

The Vision: 

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the power to harness technology is not merely an asset but a gateway to self-reliance and innovation. For 300 visually impaired youth, this gateway appears distant but not unreachable. With Vision-Aid, these youth will not just touch technology; they will shape it. 

 The Mission: 

Our campaign aims to raise INR 40 lakhs to provide comprehensive digital literacy to these bright young minds. The curriculum includes:  

  • Digital Accessibility Testing: Empowering students to become the architects of an accessible digital world, ensuring that websites and applications can be navigated by all, irrespective of their physical abilities. 
  •  Python Programming: Introducing the language of problem-solving and innovation, Python programming will open vast vistas of opportunity in software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more.  
  • Web Development: Training in creating accessible and engaging websites, our students will learn to build their digital canvases, where the only limit is their imagination.  
  • Voice and Non-Voice BPO Training: Equipping students with the skills needed to excel in customer service and back-office operations, these programs will provide them the dexterity to thrive in a competitive job market.  


The Impact: 

By contributing to the “Enlighten Their Future” campaign, you are not just sponsoring a course; you are igniting a chain reaction of empowerment, employment, and economic growth. Each student trained is a step toward an inclusive digital economy, where diversity is not just accepted but valued.  

The Stories: 

Meet [Student Name], whose dream is to develop software that can solve local issues. Or [Student Name], who aspires to design websites that her friends, irrespective of their visual abilities, can enjoy. These are not just students; they are pioneers of a future where ‘digital divide’ is a term of the past.  

The Urgency: 

Technology waits for no one. We must act now to ensure our youth are equipped with the skills to navigate and shape the digital future. Every day counts. Every rupee matters.  

The Conclusion: 

Your support for the “Enlighten Their Future” campaign is more than charity; it’s a contribution to a movement. A movement that believes in the power of technology to transform lives and insists on digital inclusivity for all.  


Be the key to their digital dreams. 

Invest in their future. Invest in our future. 

Donate to the “Enlighten Their Future” campaign today. 

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Avinash Nallola

Meet Avinash, an individual who overcame challenges and achieved success despite facing significant obstacles. Avinash lost his sight at the age of three due to eye cancer. He grew up in Hyderabad with his father, a tailor, and his mother, a homemaker. He attended a special school for the visually impaired until the 10th grade then continued his further education in normal school Avinash completed his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and pursued an MBA in Finance. During his graduation he faced challenges transitioning to mainstream education without a smartphone due to financial crisis. However, he found innovative solutions by recording lectures on MP4 devices and transcribing notes in Braille. He discovered Vision-Aid through a webinar and enrolled in their Accessibility Testing course to ensure inclusivity in digital platforms. The organization not only provided him the DAT training but also helped him to get a job with Barrier Break Solutions. Avinash has been an essential member of the Barrier Break team for over two years, enhancing user experience and promoting inclusivity in the digital realm. Barrier Break values Avinash’s contributions in ensuring equal access to digital platforms for everyone, reflecting his determination. His story inspires others to overcome challenges and achieve success through hard work. 

Arivalagan K

Arivalagan K, from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, faced complete visual impairment from birth due to glaucoma. Despite this challenge, he pursued his education, attending a specialized school where he learned using Braille. He obtained his BA in English followed by a B.Ed., and eventually attained a master’s degree in English. Discovering Vision-Aid through social media, he enrolled in their Digital Accessibility Testing (DAT) course. 

Upon completing the program, Arivalagan secured a position as an operations executive and accessibility tester at Able Aura. His responsibilities included evaluating the accessibility of mobile apps and websites. After six months, he transitioned to BarrierBreake Solutions, where he has been serving as a digital accessibility tester for a year and a half. 

Expressing gratitude to Vision-Aid for guiding him towards a career in digital accessibility testing, Arivalagan emphasizes the pivotal role the organization played in shaping his professional trajectory. 

Pranita Pinipe

Meet Pranita, the daughter of a factory supervisor in Pune. She was born with 40 percent vision due to Retinal Pigmentosa, facing challenges at school due to her eye condition. Despite this, she completed her education and earned a BA in English literature. 

After graduation, her vision worsened gradually, leading to 100% vision loss. Being unsure about her future, she stayed home for several years due to the lack of guidance about what to do next in such a condition. When her father retired from his job and they moved to their hometown Hyderabad, she sought guidance at LV Prasad Eye Hospital, where she found support and discovered the Vision-Aid Rehab Center. 

There, she completed basic computer training and afterward opted for a digital accessibility testing course from this organization. Through basic computer training and the digital accessibility course at Vision-Aid, Pranita gained confidence and skills. She then landed a job as a digital accessibility tester at Tech System Global Services, where she worked for 2 and a half years. Now, she’s proud to be part of Barrier Break. She says that she is grateful for the independence Vision-Aid helped her achieve. 

Shubham Deshmukh

Meet Shubham, from Amravati, Maharashtra, who has been visually impaired since birth due to a condition called photophobia. He attended a special school until the 7th grade and then transitioned to a regular school. He completed his BA degree with the assistance of recorded audio and also learned about computers at NIVH. Through social media, he discovered Vision-Aid, which offered a course in testing digital accessibility. Shubham took this course and secured a job as a digital accessibility tester at HCL, where he has been working for about 2 years. Despite losing his father when he was 8, Shubham remained strong and independent, and Vision-Aid’s course helped him along the way. 

Tejas Karanje

Tejas, born with visual impairment in Mumbai, pursued his education at a Blind School. After school, he graduated from St. Xavier’s College in 2007. His quest for technology education led him to NIIT Bangalore, but job challenges followed. He worked as an HR Recruiter at Thomson Reuters but continued his search for software engineering opportunities. Tejas found his path at Vision-Aid India, where he gained certifications in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, and Digital Accessibility Testing. Vision-Aid then helped him secure a role as an Associate Software Engineer at Pristine InfoTech Inc. He’s deeply grateful to Vision-Aid for enabling visually impaired individuals to learn software languages and work independently as software engineers. 

Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati’s journey with Vision-Aid India reflects his resilience and gratitude. Hailing from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Gautam faced the challenges of Retinitis Pigmentosa, which led to significant sight loss. Despite this, he pursued his education, earning a BCom degree. After graduation, Gautam embraced technology to navigate life with impaired vision, mastering tools like screen readers. Vision-Aid India became a crucial part of his journey. Enrolling in their IBPS banking crash course in 2022, Gautam expanded his skills by exploring mobile technology courses. With newfound knowledge and Vision-Aid’s support, Gautam tackled the Bank of India Credit Officer exam, securing a position in 2023. His success highlights the transformative impact of organizations like Vision-Aid, empowering individuals with visual impairments. Gautam’s story is a testament to personal triumph and the importance of support systems. It exemplifies how determination and assistance can help individuals overcome challenges and achieve independence and success despite visual impairments.