2022 Event Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Pricing:

Please note: Sponsors pledging $10,000 & above will be gratefully invited to speak at the annual event as our guests of honor. 

All other sponsors will be gratefully acknowledged at the Annual Event slide show, in accordance with the level of sponsorship.

  • 2021 Sponsorship Levels

    • $25,000+ – Grand Sponsor
    • $20,000+ – Visionary
    • $15,000+ – Catalyst
    • $10,000+ – Platinum
    • $5,000+ – Diamond
    • $2,500+ – Emerald
    • $1,500+ – Ruby
    • $1,000+ – Gold
    • $500+ – Silver

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Brochure Advertisements:

Advertisers will be featured in our high quality e-brochure (see samples below), as well as online, via our web site and in our event promotional emails. Our event is expected to have over 1000 participants and our web site and promotional emails reach thousands of people, all of whom will see your ad. and also appreciate your support to Vision-Aid!

  • Full Page Outside Back Cover: $2,500 (will be also featured in live event slide show with Emerald sponsors)
  • Full Page (Premier placement): $1,000 (will be also featured in live event slide show with Gold Sponsors)
  • Full page (Standard Placement): $500 (will be also featured in live event slide show with Silver sponsor)
  • Half-page Inside: $275
  • Quarter page Inside: $150
  • Family Sponsor: $150 a quarter-page ad honouring your loved ones.

Advertisement Sizing, Resolution and Submission Guidelines

The minimum size for the ads are as follows:
5.5″ X 8.5″ – full page ad
5.5″ X 4.25″ – half page ad
2.75″ X 4.25″ – quarter page ad
Image File Type and Resolution Submitted Ads should have at least 150dpi resolution.  The ads can be in any of these file formats: .PSD, .AI, .PDF, .JPG.  Please email ads or any questions to info@visionaid.org

Sample Brochures from Past Vision-Aid Events:

Vision-Aid 2020 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2019 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2018 Event Brochure

Vision-Aid 2017 Event - Charmer, Warrior, Guide

Vision-Aid 2016 Event - The Iconic Avatar

Vision-Aid 2015 Event - Samprati - Beyond Time

Vision-Aid 2012 Event - The Slaying of the Demons

Vision-Aid 2011 Event - Nine Pathways to Devotion

Vision-Aid 2011 Event - Nine Pathways to Devotion

Vision-Aid 2014 Event - The Dancer's Pledge

What your donation helps us do:

  • $25 will enable a a patient with low vision to get a low vision screening and optical assistive devices.
  • $25 will enable a blind student to get training in Orientation and Mobility.
  • $50 will provide a portable electronic magnifier to a low vision student.
  • $50 will provide a blind person with an electronic assistive device, helping them become more mobile and independent.
  • $150 will educate a blind or low vision person with a certificate course in Introduction to Computers.
  • $500 will provide 6 months comprehensive and individualized education leading to a Diploma in Computer Applications.
  • $1000 will provide a full residential scholarship for a Vision Impaired student which includes full coverage of their board and lodging, training and devices for the duration of the 6-month scholarshp. Training includes English, Computers, Mobile Technologies and Coaching for Competitive Exams
  • $5000 will enable publication of a new course on the Vision-Aid Online Academy
  • $10000 will help us establish a “named” scholarship in honor of your loved one, which will benefit ten visually impaired youth with a 6-month fully-paid, residential program that will change their lives
  • $10,000/year will help us establish a new primary-level Vision-Aid center which offers a core set of services from the Vision-Aid model.
  • $25,000/year will help us establish a new secondary-level Vision-Aid center which offers an expanded set of services from the Vision-Aid model.
  • $50,000/year will help us establish a new tertiary-level Vision-Aid center which offers the complete set of services from the Vision-Aid model.

Vision-Aid programs are offered free of cost to the needy, and at very nominal, subsidized rates to affording students. The low cost of our programs is made possible in large part due to the dedicated service of our volunteers on the ground, many of whom work for nominal or no remuneration. Our programs have a transformative effect, enabling, educating and empowering the visually impaired to live with independence and dignity.

Vision-Aid Event Tickets/Donations

Important notes:1) Every $30 ticket purchase gets 1 Online Pass  by email prior to event 2) Every donor & sponsor donating $50 or more will also get 1 Online Pass by email prior to event 3) An Online Pass CANNOT be shared with others. One Online Pass can ONLY be used on ONE device in a household

Thank You Sponsors 2022

Grand Sponsors

  • Anuradha & Prashanth Palakurthi
  • Meetu & Ram Gupta
  • Pratima & Venkat Srinivasan
  • The Saxena Family Foundation
  • Suzanne & Lalit Sudan


  • Vinu & Ashok Khanna
  • Sundari & Samir Mitra

Platinum Sponsors 

  • Pratibha & Jag Bhawan
  • Dr(s). Suraja Menon & Debashish Roychowdhury
  • Ranjani & Anil Saigal

Sapphire Sponsors

  • Veena & Pramod Handa

Diamond Sponsors

  • Kamlesh & Puran Dang
  • Dr(s). Shyama & Yogeshwar Dayal
  • Ranga Geetha
  • Anil Gupta
  • Renu & Kedar Gupta
  • Mariam & Dr. Badar Maskati, Dr. Loubaina Buxamusa
  • Ujwala & Kaustubha Phene
  • Kathy & Dhananjay Rao
  • Revathy Ramakrishna & Ramakrishna Raju
  • Priya & Lokesh Reddy
  • Monika & Manoj Saxena

Emerald Sponsors

  • Urvashi & Sushil Bhatia
  • Neeru & Arun Oberoi
  • Dr. Aruna & Anupam Sachdev
  • Chetna & Harshad Sanghvi
  • Dipika & Amar Sawhney
  • Sushil Tuli
  • Roza & Santosh Vempala

Ruby Sponsors

  • Anonymous
  • Dr. Sabera Shah

Gold Sponsors

  • Arthi Baluchamy & Ulganatha Boopathy
  • Stacy & William Crook
  • Nirmala & Paramesh Garimella
  • Ameeta & Anjan Mehta
  • Dr. Salil Midha
  • Meena & Ravi Ramamurti
  • Vinna & Jagjit Singh Thiara
  • Karthik Viswanathan
  • Sultan and Farhana Zia

Silver Sponsors

  • Cynthia Asmus
  • Vidya & Narain Bhatia
  • Anjana Bose
  • Lata & Dr. Manohar Rao
  • Shikha & Vinod Kapoor
  • Surjit Singh
  • Yogi & Vishal Sood
  • Lisa & Cary Sudan
  • Cindy & Nalin Sudan

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Platinum Sponsors

  •  Crossing Point Acupuncture

Corporate Emerald Sponsors

  •  Sushil Tuli & Leader Bank

Corporate Gold Sponsors

  • Minuteman Group / Rachna Dang Sharma
  • Trigent / Punita & Bharat Khatau

Corporate Silver Sponsors

  • Clay Oven Lexington
  • Masala Art Needham
  • Tashan Bedford


  • Holi Bedford

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