Naatu Naatu

Rock & Roll with New England’s premier and rocking Bollywood band Din Check!

Please join us for a rocking event on Sunday April 23rd from 4 to 7 pm, at Cary Hall, Lexington, MA . In our first music event! Put on your dancing shoes, or just sit back and enjoy some really great music with friends and family in this unique event.

This event is named after the famous “Naatu Naatu” song from the film “RRR”which won a historic Oscar and Golden Globe and is a lively celebration of dance and music. 

Din Check has acquired a reputation for creating amazing, fun dance shows with live orchestra, super-talented singers combined with an awesome selection of fun, jivy, foot-tapping numbers.

All proceeds from this “fun-raiser” will go towards  supporting children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities (MDVI) in programs run jointly by Vision-Aid with Perkins India, in Perkins Project IDI program. You can read more about the impact of Project IDI here

Date: April 23, 2022

For more information about about our awesome partners – the one and only Din Check band, please visit:

or their facebook page:

Questions? Please email:

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Please note we are using Zeffy for ticketing. Thanks to Zeffy, all fees are waived, and so 100% of your purchase goes to work in programs at Vision-Aid. On the next screen, you may be asked to contribute to Zeffy, our payment platform. This is an entirely optional contribution. If you would like to change the value (or opt-out), please select "Other" option. Thank you!

Thank You Sponsors of The Naatu Naatu Event

Thank you Sponsors!

Diamond Sponsors

  • Monika & Manoj Saxena
  • Suzanne & Lalit Sudan

 Gold Sponsors

  • Dr. Raju Singla & Raj Gupta
  • Meetu & Ram Gupta
  • Akshita Naik & Umang Naik

  Classic Sponsors

  • Shameer & Indarjeet Virk

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