Vision-Aid Resource Center in Aravind, Madurai (Recent photos from April 2022)

Some highlights of the Vision-Aid Resource Center at Aravind:

  • The Vision-Aid National Resource Center at Aravind serves over 3,000 visually impaired patients who are referred to our Resource center because they have “terminal” vision conditions which cannot be cured or correccted. These are all patients with acute vision loss – many of them near-blind or with degenerative conditions leading to blindness.
  • At Aravind, almost all the  patients who come to the center come from rural, under-privilged backgrounds and receive free low vision screening .
  • Devices are offered at subsidized costs to poor patients. Even paying patients enjoy the affordable range of high quality devices at the center which were not available before.
  • Other Services include vision therapy for infants and children, providing assistive aids (optical and electronic) and training on how to use them.  
  • Patients can also avail of a comprehensive range of rehab. services as defined in the Vision-Aid model below
  •  In addition to offering services to the visually impaired, the Aravind Vision-Aid team is also engaged in two cutting edge research projects and have been key contributors in the Smart Vision Glasses. Auro Labs a branch of Aravind which distributes low cost opthalmic supplies to many countries is planning to also distribute the Smart Vision Glasses. 
  • As part of the Smartphone initiative jointly undertaken with a match from TFL Foundation, we distributed Smartphones to eligible beneficiaries from under-privvileged patients across TN. 
  • Aravind has been in the front lines for development of Smart Vision, in close collaboration with us. Currently the team is focusing on identification of 40 eligible beneficiaries for the next phase of Smart Vision Glasses 
  • The Aravind Vision-Aid team regularly runs camps in surrounding rural areas and special schools to identify visually impaired children and offer early intervention programs

Aravind & Vision-Aid Collaboration Initiatives

Aravind Eye Hospital  partners with Vision-Aid, a non-profit organization committed to its mission of Enabling, Educating and Empowering the Visually Impaired to live with independence and dignity. Read More