Timeline of Srinivasan-Sundara Vision-Aid Resource Center in VHS

Since the inauguration in February 2021, the centre is equipped with infrastructure and equipment required for clinical low vision evaluation and to evaluate the role of low vision devices. There is a spectrum of devices available ranging from basic optical magnifiers to advanced electronic devices. The residual usable vision of a person is important rather than the loss of vision. The low vision care specialists are aimed at maximizing / optimizing the patient’s vision in order to perform the functional vision abilities.

The Journey so far

Despite the COVID pandemic, the centre has screened and evaluated more than 1000 patients. Out of which nearly 400 patients required complete clinical assessment and low vision care and prescription of low vision devices / counselling / referral / training. The enhanced functional vision is important to increase the independence, access, societal involvement and contribution of the visually impaired to the society.

Major Highlights

As per the Vision-Aid’ s vision and mission, educating and empowering the visually impaired will help to achieve their individual goals of pursuing and completing education, improving skills for better job opportunities etc. The center provides empowerment through a range of programs for the visual impaired community. Some highlights of this programs are

  • An exclusive computer training facility equipped with screen reader / magnification software for training the visually impaired. The programs offered are specialised from basic computer training to advanced job-oriented training.
  • Ongoing Smartphone distribution under Trees for Life and exclusive training on how to use the accessibility features and more. Smartphone technology is a life changing assistive aid for the visually impaired
  • Innovative Artificial Intelligence based Smart Vision Glasses distributed to nearly 20 individuals. 90 percent of the individuals received the device through donations.

Glimpses of the centre

Few photographs of programs

First phase of smartphone distribution to 11 Visually impaired individuals

Android phone distribution continuing for next phases along with online Mobile technology training for 2- 3 weeks

Distribution of Smart vision glasses under the donation of the members of Yellapragada Family

Distribution of Smart vision glasses to 11 beneficiaries under pilot program of Trees for Life

Glimpses of training programs

Computer training for visually impaired

Training on usage of Smart vision glasses