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Meet Vision-Aid student Aarush

Periodically Vision-Aid reports the work done in the field. Those are just the numbers, but behind each of these numbers are stories of amazing individuals who inspire the team at Vision-Aid to continue the work they do.


The story of Aarush  


Aarush is a young student in Vision-Aid's programming course. Heis a junior from New Delhi, with a passion for coding.   He has no sight, but that does not stop him from pursuing his dreams.  He is currently studying in 10th grade and has many hobbies beside coding.  He is an avid writer. He writes for his school magazine. He loves to sing and meditates regularly. 


Recently, Aarush became the very first blind student from a high school,  to complete the MIT class in computer science on the edX platform with excellent points. He has worked very hard for this class. He spent 15-20 hours a week with his assigned Vision-Aid mentor, Sonal Patel, to complete his homework for this class in addition to his demanding school  work and illness. According to his mother, "he is a fighter". His dream is to come  to MIT to study computer science. He  plans to continue to learn by taking  more challenging classes from MIT on the edX platform  and on MIT OCW, guided by his mentors from Vision-Aid.  His edX certificate was sponsored by Vision-Aid. Vision-Aid is thankful for the support of Anupendra Sharma and Startup Leadership Program.

Arush's school magazine

Aarush joined the pilot run of Vision-Aid’s junior python program in March 2018 at the age of 13.   After completing this junior class, he moved on  to complete the basic python programming classes, from the University of Michigan on the Coursera platform.  All these initial trainings helped him to take more challenging programming class from MIT on the edX platform. 

Arush edX Certificate

As a Vision-Aid student,  Aarush  also got an opportunity to participate in the inclusive hackathon  held in Bangalore in January 2019.  There, his team was one of the junior teams to win the first prize in the mentorship track.  

Aarush Stem Hackathon Certificate

This September, Aarush will be visiting USA to  participate in a week long Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. 



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