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An update from our Spoken English Classes in Agra

Vision-Aid has been working with the Lui Braille Blind School in Agra, India on a range of projects. One of these projects is a spoken English program. The classes are taught in a blended model, with the primary instruction happening virtually with one hour long classes every day, and one local assistant teacher who helps to reinforce concepts. The progress we have seen from our students has been remarkable and inspiring!

When the work with this school began, the school did not have computers, internet connection or structured teaching of English. Vision-Aid has worked with the school helping them to acquire and setup a computer training center, a high speed internet connection – for which a special tower had to be erected since it is in a remote area, and structured classes. 

As you can see from this video, which shows a subset of students from the school , now the students (most of them have been in spoken English classes for 4 – 6 months ) have already become very comfortable with virtual learning and making good progress in spoken English.

Coming soon to the school will be a solar powered  electrical supply (which will alleviate frequent power outages which hamper learning) and structured training programs in Computers and Mobile Technologies.

Our thanks to the donors who support this project, making all this possible, and to our dedicated volunteers and the spoken English team in India for their  commitment to developing and teaching spoken English classes to visually impaired students and our Hasan Kabeer and team from Gyanmantra for the logistical support to make this project successful. 

Vision-Aid has had to develop our own in-house materials and pedagogy because at this time no materials exist which are suited to teach visually impaired students. Most of the current materials rely heavily on visual cues which are not suitable for instructions in such settings.

Your support will help us scale up this program reaching many more blind schools with such programs!

Click the link below for the video:

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