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An update from the field!

In the last quarter of 2016, Vision-Aid took up a number of activities in India. Computer training courses for the visually impaired were undertaken and surveys were conducted for eye-screening requirements in schools.

Vision Aid runs different levels of computer training courses, focusing on the use of accessibility tools, for Visually Impaired.  The advanced courses target Administrators and Teachers (ACA).  There are beginner, certificate and diploma courses for individuals who need to use computers in their daily lives (BCA, CCA, DCA).  The more advanced employment oriented advanced course (ECA) helps orient adults towards employment.  The courses are run at various Vision Aid centers.

Computer training class at Vision Aid center

In the last quarter, Vision Aid also conducted surveys to assess the need for eye-screening camps in schools.  The survey intended to discover the current state of affairs in local schools, and explore the following questions – 

  1. Are schools voluntarily conducting eye-screening camps at school?  If yes, what is the frequency? When was the last camp held?
  2. Does it include all students or only those with identified problems?
  3. What is the outcome of the testing?
  4. What remedial measures are taken post-testing?
  5. Are the programs sponsored?

The inputs obtained from these surveys will be used to plan targeted activities – conduct regular camps, sponsor spectacles, improve coverage across schools etc.

The CADRE team conducted a seminar for the women members to improve awareness about the computer training courses conducted by Vision Aid team.  

The Vizag team reported that COHOOT (Co-operative Hostel for Out Of Towners) is working  well and has been effective in retaining out-station students.  In the coming quarters, the team is planning to regulate the use of the hostels and also improve the amenities provided.  The team also conducted ACA training at LB Engineering College for Women for the 44 final year students.  A valedictory function was conducted at the college in the second week of December.

Valedictory function at LB Women’s Engineering College

Another good news shared by the team was about their entry, Haptic Torch for the Blind, getting selected as a finalist in the NASSCOM Social Innovations Forum contest.  Many congratulations to the team on this fabulous achievement! The Vizag center celebrated World Sight Day 2016 on Oct 13th at Vision Aid Centre.  They have  also kickstarted their online Python programming course.

All the centers are working towards planning and executing current, as well as new programs!  

Thank you for yout interest and support!

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