Just over 3 months ago, at our annual  event in July, many of you came forward generously to support the gift of  AI-powered Smart Vision Glasses (SVG) to blind and visually impaired students to empower them with the gift of Computer Vision technology, which can enable them to gain more independence.  (If you are interested in understanding how this amazing technology helps the visually impaired, please watch this short video.) . Smart Vision Glasses are manufactured by SHG Technologies in Bangalore India which recently won top spot in the Infosys Foundation Social Impact Awards ceremony for this unique innovation. 

We are delighted to report to you, with some photos and details the completion of the first phase of the rollout of 200 Smart Vision Glasses (SVG) to Visually Impaired college students in the following ten locations in India. This rollout  has been completed, jointly with the help of our implementation partner Help the Blind Foundation (HTBF).

  • Ahmedabad 
  • Bangalore 
  • Chennai 
  • Coimbatore 
  • Delhi 
  • Hyderabad/Secundrabad 
  • Madurai 
  • Nagpur 
  • Trichy and Thanjavur 
  • Shillong 

Below we are pleased to share some photos and details from a few of the locations.  We sincerely thank the donors and supporters for their generous support, and the highly dedicated volunteer teams from Help The Blind Foundation (HTBF) and Vision-Aid India for the immense hard work, dedication and commitment in making these roll-outs possible.  


SVG devices were provided to students in several colleges including Indraprastha (IP), Miranda and others. The HTBF team was joined by Vision-Aid team member Mr. Anshuman Agarwal from Delhi and one of our generous donors in Delhi Ms. Kanchan Khanna. A short video of Day 1 of the 2-day roll out in Delhi, can be seen here. 


A simple function was organized in the District Central Library in the presence of the District Library Officer, Mrs D Vijayalakshmi,one of the Trustees of HTBF attended the function.. Mr.Rajendran, DLO, Coimbatore, addressed our students and encouraged them to use all the facilities offered to them at the library, he also requested regular monthly meetings in their premises. Devices were distributed to the students and one to the trainer, Mr.Jagan. As part of the mobility training the students watered plants at the District Central Library . 


Mr. Suresh Chari was the chief guest of the program ( He’s a Soft skill trainer. He has 15 years of experience in the NGO sector). College principal ( Mrs. Bhumi Mhere) gave a presidential speech. Mr. Radhakrishnan   ( HTBF volunteer) introduced the functionality of the SVG device to the chief guest and others  


Laptop and Smart vision glass distribution function was organised at GFGC Vijayanagar.  HTBF Trustee Mr. Natarajan attended the function Our students were overwhelmed by Mr. Natarajan’s motivational speech. Our students enjoyed his speech in Kannada. Dr. Venkateshappa, Principal of the College delivered his speech. . Registration of SVG glasses was done by the SHG team. 


The Principal, John Peter was the chief guest for the event and the programme was coordinated by Dr. Malarvizhi from the college .  Mr. Natraj spoke about his journey  and highlighted the importance of non profit support and the possible impact it can have in life of the VI and help them achieve financial independence.  


The program was held at placement Hall, St Joseph’s. Trustee Mr. Narasimhan interacted with everyone from 10:30-11 before the start of the program. He motivated our students and gave information on scholarships, etc. The Principal Rev Fr Xavier  spoke about his journey and understanding of disabilities. A guided trip around the campus, particularly to the Herbarium, was done with the support of our students there . Volunteers participated in the sighted guide technique.  


SVG distribution was held in Queen’s Mary College, Chennai. Ms. Rajashree, CEO of Cognizant Foundation was the chief guest. The principal and other staff of Queen’s Mary College also graced the occasion. Ms. Rajashree also encouraged students to attend training classes and hone their skills. She emphasized how the SVG glasses would help students become independent and assist them in their day-to-day activities. She took time to personally interact with each student and understand their abilities as well as challenges. Two girls in B A Music who rendered an excellent song  

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