Calling all Volunteers to teach Computer Programming to the Visually Impaired

Starting September 5th 2018, Vision-Aid is offering its fifth session of advanced technical training to teach the visually impaired.

After successfully completing a pilot for teaching computer programming to the visually impaired in 2016, and 3 more series of classes in 2017-18, we are happy to announce a new course for Fall 2018. The program will run for 9 months, in 2 semesters (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) – with a short break in between the semesters. 

Each semester will be 15-16 weeks long. During the program, the students will be introduced to programming concepts and computer science using Python, one of the most popular introductory programming languages..  

No prior computer programming experience is needed for student applicants, but certain pre-requisites must be met. Students undergo 3 rounds of screening including a placement test in logical reasoning to test aptitude. 

We received many applications for this upcoming Fall. Vision-Aid’s admission team has reviewed the applications, and is in the process of placing students at the appropriate level. 

The Vision-Aid program will use material from leading universities in the United States. Vision-Aid students will learn from programming experts in the field using online  resources. The classes will be offered over Skype. Each student will be paired with a teacher who will work with the student to guide them through the course. 

Vision-Aid is pleased to offer this course free of charge. 

For more details including two short videos of our incredible alumni, please open the link below:

A call for volunteers

We already have a large and committed team of volunteers, but as the demand for the course has been strong we are recruiting additional volunteers. If you know Python programming and are willing to spare a few hours each week to teach or assist in this exciting program, please join our team!  It will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life – we say this based on the experiences of many! The time commitment will be around 4-5 hours/week but there is a lot of flexibility – you can put in time on weekends and evenings when it suits you. Classes are taught online over skype. 

You will be working with a dynamic and experienced team which you will love being a part of. The team meets online each week for half an hour to share feedback and ideas. 

 If interested, please fill in the application below ASAP before August 31st  – sooner if possible (We apologize for the short notice!) 

Thank you for your kind consideration!

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