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Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day: “Built without Barrier” Symposium 

On May 16th this year, we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day by conducting a virtual symposium hosted by Vision-Aid. The event focused on empowering inclusion through digital accessibility under the theme “Built without Barrier”. The symposium featured a keynote lecture by Mr. Atul Ranjan Sahay, a Disability & Inclusion Consultant, Honorary General Secretary of NAB Jharkhand, and former executive with the TATA Group. Additionally, we had a panel discussion with visually impaired professionals from various industries. 

Focus on Digital Access and Inclusion 

The symposium highlighted the importance of digital access and inclusion for the millions of people with disabilities around the world. We invited HR leaders and accessibility enthusiasts to join the event and contribute to making the world more accessible and inclusive. The event took place on May 16th from 4 PM to 5 PM. 

Building Networks and Future Collaborations 

Our initial goal was to raise awareness among corporate HR professionals about accessibility and inclusion. We were pleased to have around 15 corporate HR representatives participate. The inspiring speeches by Mr. Atul and other accessibility professionals covered crucial topics relevant to corporate HR. The feedback from participants has been encouraging, helping us build solid relationships and a network of organizations for future collaborations to support our beneficiaries. 

Employment Opportunities and Breaking Barriers 

During the symposium, we discussed employment opportunities and challenges faced by the visually impaired community. We explored how providing opportunities and breaking down barriers can open up new possibilities for them. Mr. Atul shared his own experiences, emphasizing the importance of hiring based on capability rather than as a CSR obligation. The accessibility professionals shared their experiences to motivate others in the visually impaired community and appreciated Vision-Aid’s efforts in training and preparing individuals for the job market. 

We concluded with a Q&A session, giving HR representatives the chance to ask questions and learn how to better accommodate people with disabilities in their organizations. 

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