Computer Classes begun at Vision-Aid Center @ Shroff in Delhi

We are delighted that the wonderful teams from SCEH (Shroff Charity Eye Hospital), Vision-Aid India, Vision-Aid USA, and Gyaanmantra, our tech partner worked together to set up the VA-SCEH first phase of the Vision-Aid Resource Center and finally on 12th February 2020, our class on Basic Computer Literacy was started.

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) owes its genesis to a one-room clinic in the walled city of Delhi set up by Dr. S.P Shroff in 1914. The current building of the hospital started functioning in 1927.

In all, four students came in for their first class on “Introduction to Computers”. All of them are 75% or over visually impaired. All are in their first year of College education in various colleges of Delhi and patients of SCEH. The names are; Ashutosh, Iqra, Zeba and Shama.

Of these Iqra has never been exposed to computers and had a lot of questions. This will help her in her education in terms of researching and studying. She also does not have any email and she was keen to learn about how can she learn to use email. She does not know about assistive technology software and screen readers like NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) and JAWS etc. All of them use an android phone without the accessibility talk-back feature. This will also be taught to them under our “Mobile Technologies Program”.  None of the students have a resume and as they learn computers, they will be preparing their own resumes with pride.

  Classes are currently held thrice a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after their regular college classes from 3 to 5 pm. If need be, we will increase the frequency based on the pace at which they learn.  These are new beginnings and thanks to our Donors Ram Gupta and Meetu Gupta for making this possible with their kind donations. The formal inauguration is pending and is planned for March 2020.  

  Thanks to SCEH Team – Dr. Umang Mathur, Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Sonia Srivastava and Naseem Akhtar of the Low Vision Center at Shroff for their constant help and making this work. All these are patients of SCEH. 

  Our sincere thanks again to Ram and Meetu Gupta of Boston, who have helped us set up this wonderful project in the memory of Mr. Ram Gupta’s great father Mr. Lachhman Das Gupta. Thanks to the Gupta’s, this computer training center is the first step in the exciting journey ahead for Vision-Aid in its  Delhi project, keeping alive the rich memory and legacy of Mr. Lachman Das Gupta, who in his later years of life lost his own eyesight but was always blessed with inner vision that inspired everyone who knew him.  

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