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Congratulations to Students of our 6th batch of Digital Accessibility Testing (DAT) training program!

In a joyous celebration of achievement, Vision-Aid proudly acknowledges the accomplishment of 17 students who successfully completed our sixth batch of the Digital Accessibility Testing (DAT) training program. Spanning from March to July 2023, this intensive training has equipped these dedicated individuals with invaluable skills required to pursue a career in Digital Accessibility.

We were honored to have Mrs. Vandana Pamecha, CEO of eduGIRLS, join us for the graduation as our Chief Guest.

In addition to applauding our talented graduates, we extend heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed job placement partners. Companies such as Mahindra Logistic, TEK System Global Services, Caterpillar Signs Private Limited, and others have played a pivotal role in facilitating job opportunities for these visually impaired students. Their unwavering support demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and empowers our graduates to embark on fulfilling professional journeys. As we celebrate these achievements, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact these graduates will make in the field of digital accessibility testing and beyond. Congratulations to the students, and a sincere thank you to our valued partners!

Please find below the link where the graduating students share their experience from the program.

Success Stories of Our DAT Students:

Vision-Aid’s Digital Accessibility Testing and Training Center (DATTC) aims to facilitate the creation of an inclusive digital ecosystem for persons with disabilities. Vision-Aid offers a professionally structured, state-of-the-art training program at a highly subsidized cost to any visually impaired individual who aspires to become a world-class DAT tester. The DATTC does not stop with just providing training. In addition to training, our center empowers the visually impaired students with a range of support services – including coaching, mentoring, resume creation, soft skills training, placement support, networking and advocacy. Our goal is to ensure that all our visually impaired students are gainfully employed so that they can live independently and with dignity, while also making significant positive contributions towards making our digital world a more accessible and inclusive space for all. Over the last 12 months, more than 20 students of our DAT training program have successfully found job placements in leading Indian and MNC. This short video showcases the success stories of 10 of our students who found placement through our intervention and help.

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