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Empowering Youth: Highlights of Summer Camp 2024

From March 21st to March 30th, 2024, the NFBM Jagriti School Skill Development Center hosted a dynamic summer camp, sponsored by Vision-Aid India Ltd., aimed at nurturing diverse skills among young participants. 

Day 1 – Inauguration: 

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome song and captivating dance performances by Class 12 students. Esteemed guests Dr. Ashok Gavande, Ms. Gargee Dutta, Ms. Aprana Pradhan, and Ms. Amrut Deshmukh graced the occasion. Motivational speeches set the tone for an enriching journey ahead. 

Day 2 – Exposure Visit – NVIDIA Pune: 

Students embarked on a corporate visit to NVIDIA Pune, exploring career avenues and corporate culture. Career guidance sessions by industry experts Vineet Saraiwala and Dr. Sanjay Jain provided invaluable insights into various professions. 

Day 3 – Visit to PCCoE: 

As part of Institution Social Responsibility, students visited Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering. The exchange of skills between students included math tricks, lab visits, and Braille learning, fostering collaboration and mutual learning. 

Day 4 – Cosmetic Making Workshop: 

Led by Vanmala Hiranandani, students delved into the art of cosmetic making, creating organic moisturizers and lip balms. Emphasis on entrepreneurship and practical skills was the highlight of the session. 

Day 5 – Career Guidance Session: 

Mr. Suhas Kirloskar guided students on diverse career opportunities, stressing the importance of skills and preparation. Insightful discussions on politics, psychology, and competitive exams broadened students’ perspectives. 

Day 6 – Zumba Session: 

Under the guidance of Mr. Rahul Murumkar, students enjoyed a lively Zumba session, combining dance, music, and exercise. The session showcased students’ enthusiasm and energy. 

Day 7 – Skin and Hair Care: 

Students learned the essentials of hair and skin care, including hygiene, routines, and product selection. Practical tips and demonstrations ensured students left with valuable knowledge. 

Day 8 – Visit to FLAMES University: 

An exposure trip to FLAMES University provided insights into higher education and career paths. Interactive sessions on music, dance, and educational opportunities enriched students’ understanding. 

Day 9 – Self-Defense Workshop: 

Students engaged in a self-defense workshop, learning essential techniques and strategies for personal safety. Empowerment and confidence-building were central themes of the session. 

Day 10 – Confidence Building Workshop and Valedictory Ceremony: 

A confidence-building workshop by Mr. Shekhar Joshi empowered students to overcome barriers and sustain positive behaviors. The valedictory ceremony, graced by Chief Guest Ms. Sheetal Bapat and Guest of Honour Mrs. Suvarna Deolankar, celebrated students’ achievements and marked the conclusion of a successful and transformative summer camp. 

The Summer Camp 2024 not only imparted valuable skills but also instilled in students a sense of confidence, collaboration, and readiness for the future. 

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