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First class of Vision-Aid’s DATT Course Graduates

Vision-Aid had started a path breaking course on Digital Accessibility Testing Training earlier this year. Students completed their 16-week journey and graduated on 13th December 2019.

The accomplishment was huge for considering the duration of the course. Some of the highlights of the course are listed below:

  • Deque University Web Accessibility specialist course, considered the international gold standard in the field, was followed.
  • The training was conducted by Ashwin and Bhargav. Ashwin has low vision, Bhargav is totally visually impaired.
  • All the student had complete vision impairment. Out of 50 received applications, 13 students shortlisted and enrolled in the class. Twelve students completed the course. With just one student dropping out the graduation rate was an achievement in itself. Drop out rates in our other advanced Vision-Aid courses are typically over 50%.
  • The course duration was 16 weeks long, starting from August 17th 2019.
  • The classes were held for two hours every Saturday. In addition to the regular classes, there were guest lectures from Aparna Pasi from Deque software systems, Rajneesh from IBM and motivation talk by Vidya of Empower and Microsoft

Next steps for the students would be to get Certifications and being gainfully employed. There are several opportunities in the horizon. Vision-Aid’s expectation is that most , if not all, of the students will find part-time or full time paid assignments. There is strong demand for Accessibility Testers. Vision-Aid has created a placement cell, led by  one of the staff for managing the placements. The placement officer is also visually impaired. Students will get the benefit Vision-Aid’s  network and it’s commitment to work with them for good employment opportunities. This includes, resume preparation, mathcing job availability, mock interviews and so on.

This couse is unique in many regards. In addition to Deque cirriculum, which in itself is rigorous, the following was also included: 

  • Vision-Aid’s challenging custom assignments 
  • Live projects testing.
  • Exposure to HTML coding.
  • Guest lectures on ‘ why accessibility’ by Aparna of Deque, ‘software development lifecycle’ by Rajneesh of IBM and great motivational talk by Vidya of Empower/Microsoft.

This program has been used to to train future teachers.What’s more in future-

Vision-Aid greatly appreciates Jayanthi and the DATT team for all their hard work. This would had been impossible to achieve without their tremendous effort.

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