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Introducing Bharat and Nishant – Vision-Aid Python Programming Stars

Meet the new Vision-Aid star students – Nishant and Bharat. They completed the Vision-Aid Python programming class, with flying colors, and have now also secured over 95% marks in the MIT programming course over edX, receiving formal MITx / edX certification. Congratulations, and way to go – Bharat and Nishant – we are very proud of your accomplishments.  Congratulations also to their amazing mentor/teacher from Vision-Aid, Sonal Patel. 

V Bharathan (Bharat) Mudaliar is a second year engineering student from Vadodra, Gujarat.  He wants to major in computer science and would like to continue on to graduate school in an international university.  He is the first visually impaired student in his college but this has not stopped him from working toward pursuing  his passion to learn computer science.  He enjoys solving various types of rubiks cubes in his spare time.   He has already completed many coding classes on the Open Courseware (OCW) from MIT.  Bharat has now joined the advanced  four part series MOOC class in Computer Science from the Stanford University on the Coursera platform.  We are pleased to report that Coursera is providing financial support for this series.  Our volunteers will continue to mentor Bharat through this set of classes.

Nishant Rana  lives in Mumbai.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Business Management (BMS) from Mumbai University this year.  He wants to study further in international universities and acquire an MBA degree.  He has a strong passion for technology and business.  To acquire more job experience he is looking for a position that can utilize his current skills.  Nishant is an avid audio game player and also loves to play the piano.  Nishant will also continue his studies in Computer Science on the Coursera platform through the generous support from Coursera.

Bharat and Nishant, both will go to IIT, Chennai, later this year to participate in the Hackathon and showcase their skills in Computer Science.  We, at Vision-Aid are very proud of their achievement.  We hope to bring many more students to follow their path.

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