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Launch of a New Vision-Aid Resource Center at Narayana Nethralaya Hospital in Bangalore 


Narayana Nethralaya, a leading eye hospital in Bangalore, has continually demonstrated a commitment to excellence in eye care. This commitment takes a significant leap forward as Narayana Nethralaya proudly joins the Vision-Aid eye hospital network, marking a groundbreaking collaboration for comprehensive vision care and rehabilitation. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing 

On the morning of January 8th, a momentous event unfolded as Dr. Naren Shetty, Vice Chairman of Narayana Nethralaya, and Mr. V.L. Narasimhan, Honorary Executive Director of Vision-Aid India, signed the Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement solidifies their shared vision for enhancing eye care services in Bangalore. 

Vision-Aid and Narayana Nethralaya Collaboration 

The partnership aims to establish a model for comprehensive vision care, with Vision-Aid contributing vital infrastructure to the Vision-Aid resource center. Essential equipment and state-of-the-art assistive devices will be provided, addressing the needs of the underprivileged and those from lower socio-economic groups. 

Infrastructure Enhancement 

Vision-Aid’s commitment extends to providing not just equipment but also devices crucial for addressing the unique challenges faced by the visually impaired. The focus on the underprivileged ensures that the collaboration reaches those who need it the most. 

Training and Skill Development Programs 

A diverse range of training and skill development programs will be rolled out, fostering education and empowerment. Professionals will benefit from sponsored training courses, enhancing their expertise in catering to the visually impaired. 

Impact on Visually Impaired Individuals 

The collaboration promises to introduce and run new programs specifically tailored for visually impaired individuals in Bangalore and Karnataka. Narayana Nethralaya becomes a beacon of hope for those seeking specialized services, with the added support of Vision-Aid. 

Key Members Present at MOU Signing 

The MOU signing ceremony was marked by the esteemed presence of key individuals representing both organizations. Noteworthy figures such as Mr. Ramakrishna Raju and Ms. Revathy Ramakrishna from Vision-Aid USA, and Ms. Puja Sarbajna, Mr. S.K. Mittal and Dr.Bindu Rudramurti from Narayana Nethralaya, among others, actively participated. Their distinguished participation underscores the profound importance of this collaborative effort. 

Long-term Relationship 

This partnership is not just a one-time event but a commitment to a long-term relationship. Both organizations are dedicated to ongoing collaboration, ensuring sustained benefits for the visually impaired community in the years to come. 


In conclusion, the launch of the Vision-Aid partnership with Narayana Nethralaya signifies a milestone in enhancing eye care services. The comprehensive approach, coupled with the commitment of both organizations, holds the promise of transforming the lives of the visually impaired in Bangalore and beyond. 

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