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Lighting up Diwali with the news of five of our students who are visually impaired securing jobs

On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, we are happy to share the heartwarming news of five of our talented students with visual impairment, have successfully secured jobs and embarked on a new journey towards independence and self-sufficiency! Just like the glowing lamps that brighten up every corner during Diwali, your support has illuminated the paths of these young individuals, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

Their achievements are a testament to your generosity and belief in our mission. Your continued support has transformed lives and allowed these students to light up their own futures, just as the Diwali diyas light up the darkness.

As we celebrate this Festival of Lights, we want to express our deepest gratitude to you for being the guiding star in our mission to empower visually impaired students. Your support has made a significant impact, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Diwali filled with joy, prosperity, and the warmth of success stories like these. May the light of this festival brighten your life as much as you have brightened our lives and the lives of these students!.

With gratitude and best wishes,

The Vision-Aid Leadership Team

Five visually impaired students secure jobs in Maharashtra

We are delighted that in the last quarter we saw placements of five of our visually impaired students at the Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Center (VTRC), Nashik, Maharashtra which is run by the National Federation of the Blind in Maharashtra (NFBM) with support from Vision-Aid. Congratulations to the successful candidates, and also their dedicated training team who mentored them to achieve this successful milestone! All of these students benefitted immensely from the computer training and conversational English classes funded by Vision-Aid, which gave them the skills and confidence to secure these jobs. 

1. Dnyaneshwar Sable 

Dnyaneshwar was a student of the 2022 batch. He has been selected to work with SBI as a clerk.

2. Chandrakant Waghmare

Chandrakant is also a student of year 2022 batch and has been selected as a clerk by SBI. He will work with SBI in Nanded.

3. Prakash Ithape  

Prakash is a student of year 2022 batch and has been selected to work as a clerk with Indian Railways. He will work in Mumbai.

4. Riyaz Tamboli

Riyaz Tamboli was first a student and then computers faculty at VTRC Nashik. Riyaz has started working with SBI as a clerk.

5. Avanna Koli 

Avanna will work with Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) which is neighboring Pune. Avanna has joined as a clerk.


Here are a couple of testimonials from the students themselves:


My name is Dnyaneshwar Sable. I was first a student at Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Center, Nashik. I was immensely benefitted by the Computer Training and Communication Skills Training programs organized by Vision-Aid. Communication Skills Training helped me in boosting confidence and communicating with ease. This helped me during my interview at SBI. I was selected by SBI for the position of Clerk in August 2023.

Thank you Vision-Aid for organizing career-oriented training programs that help the overall development of the students as well as help them in getting jobs.


Dnyaneshwar Sable


I am Prakash Ithape. I studied at VTRC Nashik in the year 2022-23. Apart from regular typing classes, we received training in Computers and Conversational English skills. Both these classes turned to be very useful. Not only these classes helped in improving my communication skills but it also helped improving my confidence. Computer training is being helpful in my job as a clerk in Indian Railways. I was selected with Indian Railways in September 2023.

I want to thank Vision-Aid for organizing the training for us.


Prakash Ithape

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