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Meet some students from our first Technical Training Course on Digital Accessibility Testing

The Vision-Aid team is pleased to introduce some of the students from the first class of their new, path-breaking technical training course on Digital Accessibility Testing which was launched on 17th August 2019.

About the Course

The main objective of the course is to train visually impaired students to be ready for employment in the hi-tech sector, upon successful completion of the course.

The students will learn valuable skills in accessibility testing, and will go on to work as Accessibility Testers, helping to make the digital world a more accessible and inclusive place. Following the curriculum offered by Deque University, the leader in this field, this course will be delivered over a period of 18 weeks, having a virtual class for 2 hours every Saturday. On successful completion, the students will be fully prepared to earn Deque University certificates along with hands on experience on real life project activities.

About the Admissions process

This is the first time Vision-Aid is offering this course, and the initial application demand was very strong. Vision-Aid received 51 applications from all over India, and have screened and selected 13 students, all visually impaired from various cities across India: ranging from Surat-Gujarat, to Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The Teaching Team

The teaching team of 4 trainers were drawn from the industry with couple of guest lectures from other experts. 3 of the 4 teachers are also visually impaired, and serve as great role models for the students in more ways than one.


The course is offered freely to all students. However, to ensure stronger commitment, each student is required to make an upfront, refundable deposit of Rs. 2,500 to join the course. The deposit is refunded to all students who complete the course. In some cases, students could not even afford this deposit, and it was waived after due consideration.

Meet the Vision-Aid Accessibility Testing – Class of 2019

Meet some of our students (not all of our 13 students are listed here):


Afroz, a graduate from Hyderabad is working as Accessibility tester since one year plus. keenly interested in improving her skills in Accessibility testing and make that as her career goal.


Gayatri is a computer science graduate from Hyderabad. Currently working as IT trainer, plans to “make it big” doing this course and get well employed in IT sector.


Lakshminarayana is a graduate, about to complete master program from Hyderabad. He has chosen to do this course for having good employment opportunities.


Ruby is a graduate from Bangalore, teaches Piano, passionate self learner.wants to do this course, to work on making music lessons online more accessible.

Shivmohan Singh

Shivmohan is a graduate from Hyderabad, working in the NGO sector and wants to work in IT sector and teach VI community.


Sanjog is post graduate from Surat, Gujarat, worked as IT trainer for a period, currently unemployed. Likes accessibility testing area of work. Doing this course, he hopes to get a steady job.

Teaching team

Vision-Aid is grateful to the program coordinator, Jayanthi from Hyderabad India for managing all aspects of this course. She had the capable help from co-coordinator Balaji of Bangalore, and instructors Ashwin, Bhargav, Pinky and Justin all from Bangalore.

Below, please ckink the link below to view  a video of the first class, where you can “meet” the teachers and students.

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