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Nibin Mathew: A Vision-Aid Success Story

The Vision-Aid team is proud to share the success story of Nibin Mathew, whose dedication and determination is an inspiration.

A chain of life-changing events has fuelled Nibin’s efforts to spread his technical training to the visually challenged from his region in Wayanad, Kerala. Born into an agricultural community in Wayanad, Nibin had lost his vision to glaucoma in 2012. He underwent several eye-surgeries at the Aravindh Eye Hospital Coimbatore, gaining limited vision. Due to lack of adequate support for STEM education(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) after the tenth grade, Nibin pursued study in the field business and finance till twelfth grade. He obatined bachelors degree in arts and humanities thereafter.

Nibin was part of the 2018 batch of aspiring Python programmers trained by Vision-Aid. He went to participate in the 2019 Inclusive Hackathon organized by the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) as part of the Vision-Aid team. This annual coding fest is geared towards showcasing the technical and creative skills of visually challenged coders in expanding the field of digital assistants for the differently abled.

Post the Hackathon, Nibin and his friends rallied to organize a half-day workshop: the Tech Assistance Program (TAP) for 30 visually challenged graduate students in Kerala. The Program spread information about technical support for e-learning, self-learning through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and generating ideas for the Inclusive Hackathon. In April 2019, Nibin collaborated with the Education Department of the Government of Kerala in resourcing and training 50 teachers in Wayanad for instruction of the visually challenged.

Participating in the Hackathon opened new avenues for Nibin in terms of higher education. He has since applied and qualified for a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai as well as a Master’s in Digital Society at IIITB, which he commences as of this year.

Nibin is currently a Junior Clerk with the Indian Railways in Mumbai. In spite of his job responsibilities and visual impairment, Nibin gained Grade 3 proficiency in playing the violin. He was certified by the prestigious Trinity College London, a center for Fine Arts and the English Language.

Nibinis a go-getter. He now intends to pursue a Master’s Degree, taking a sabbatical from his job. Vision-Aid team wil provide him with financial support for pursuing the Master’s Degree and would like to extend a request to potential donors to support his endeavor. 

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