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Overcoming Challenges: The Inspiring Journey of Disha Jain 

The life story of Disha Jain is an inspiring example of tenacity, willpower, and flexibility. Due to her birth defect of retinal pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative eye disease, Disha faced major challenges in her educational and professional endeavours. Nevertheless, she managed to seize the opportunities because of her persistent determination, which turned out to be an inspiration to a lot of others.   

Educational Hurdles and Adaptation   

From a young age at Happy School in Delhi, Disha faced the challenges of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), which caused her to struggle with night blindness, color blindness, and seeing things from a distance. Despite these obstacles, she was determined to continue her education. By the time she reached 11th grade, her vision problems had become more severe, making it hard for her to read textbooks or see the blackboard clearly. She had to rely on her classmates for help. Nevertheless, Disha remained committed to her studies. During her 12th-grade board exams, she even brought an extra lamp to ensure she could see her exam papers better.   

Driven by her ambition, Disha signed up for coaching to pursue the Chartered Accountancy (CA) program. However, her vision impairment made it difficult for her to read from projectors and boards, causing her to fall behind in her studies. Despite working very hard, she faced challenges during exams, which left her feeling deeply disappointed and discouraged.   

Overcoming Vision Loss with Assistive Technology   

In February 2018, Disha’s eyesight worsened drastically, leaving her feeling uncertain about the future. Desperate for help, she visited several specialists who introduced her to assistive technologies like magnifiers and laptops with screen-readers. At first, the idea of using a laptop without her sight seemed daunting. However, meeting a visually impaired computer trainer who demonstrated the power of adaptive technology gave her hope and inspiration. Encouraged by this experience, she decided to switch her career path from Chartered Accountancy to a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.Com). During her exams, her mother supported her by acting as her scribe, writing down her answers.   

Skill Enhancement and Professional Growth   

Disha started searching for organizations that provide computer training for the visually impaired individuals. She began taking programming courses, learning languages like HTML and JavaScript, and getting better at using screen readers. With encouragement from her friends, she started exploring accessibility testing. Eventually, she decided to join the Digital Accessibility Testing (DAT) course offered by Vision Aid. This step marked a significant milestone in her journey towards enhancing her digital skills and contributing to making technology more accessible for everyone.   

Empowerment Through Training   

After finishing her course in March 2023, Disha landed an internship at Vision Aid, where she gained practical experience with the help of skilled mentors. Her hard work and abilities caught the attention of many top companies, where she appeared for interviews and decided to join HCL as an Associate Accessibility Tester, where she could combine her love for technology with her dedication to making tech accessible for everyone.  

Beyond Digital Literacy   

Disha didn’t just stop at learning digital skills; she also went through mobility training at the Vision Aid Resource Center in Delhi. This helped her gain the confidence to move around on her own, giving her a sense of independence and freedom. 

  Acknowledging Vision Aid’s Impact   

As Disha looks back on her journey, she recognizes how Vision Aid has been incredibly important in helping visually impaired people become more digitally literate and empowered. Disha herself has shown determination, flexibility, and a strong desire to learn, becoming a symbol of overcoming challenges and inspiring many others. 

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