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Report on Visit to Vision-Aid Resource Center, Pune on March 2nd, 2024 

The recent visit to Dr. R.S.Ayyar Vision-Aid Center in Pune yielded valuable insights into the advancements and initiatives supporting visually impaired individuals. Dr. Supriya and Ms. Apoorva, upon arrival in Pune, convened with Ms. Devi Udayakumar and Dr. Deepak Bagga, subsequently touring the Vision-Aid resource center situated on Bhandarkar Road, Lane no.10, Oppo. Raviraj hotel, Trupti Apartments, 5th Floor Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra-411004. 

Managed by Ms. Apoorva Shitole, the center boasts well-equipped facilities, including a computer training room for training students with visual impairment. Dr. Deepak Bagga and Ms. Devi Udayakumar led discussions focusing on standardizing equipment and resource management, aiming to establish a sustainable model of care. Notably, Dr. Parikshit and the team have ensured the independence of the Vision-Aid resource center from the clinic, facilitating focused care for visually impaired individuals. 

Hands-on demonstrations featured prominently during the visit, with Mr. Ramu Muthangi, Ms. Devi, Dr. Deepak Bagga, and Mr. Rutik Das showcasing various assistive devices and software functionalities. Attendees, including optometry professionals and students, lauded the sessions, particularly appreciating the demonstration of Smart Vision Glasses (SVG) Technology. 

The presence of distinguished individuals such as Dr. Quresh Maskati, Dr. Atal Kadhani, Mr. Athish Ray, and Mr. Vikram Desai enriched the sessions, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the event. 

Summary of CME Event 

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) event witnessed a convergence of professionals both in person and online, featuring a series of enlightening presentations and discussions. 

Ms. Devi provided an overview of Vision-Aid’s initiatives, setting the stage for interactive case discussions led by Dr. Deepak Bagga and Apoorva Shitole. Mr. Ramu Muthangi’s presentation on Smart Vision Glasses (SVG) technology offered a glimpse into future advancements in assistive devices. 

Dr. Quresh Maskati the esteemed ophthalmologist and former president of AIIMS  emphasized the importance of raising awareness about low-vision care, while Dr. Jeevan Singh Titiyal, the Chief of Dr. R.P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences and the Dean of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, shared valuable insights into ongoing research initiatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Justice. 

The CME event served as a platform for learning and collaboration, emphasizing the continual development of management strategies and technology solutions for enhancing low-vision care and rehabilitation services. 

In conclusion:

The visit to the Vision-Aid Resource Center and the subsequent CME event underscored the commitment of professionals towards advancing the field of low vision care and vision rehabilitation and improving the lives of visually impaired individuals. 

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