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Ritu Jain: A Journey of Resilience and Success 

Ritu Jain, born and raised in Delhi, led a normal childhood with full sight. She completed her schooling through the CBSE Board in Delhi in 2003 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Ayurvedic and Medical Science from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2009. 

Facing Adversity 

After completing her internship for her B.A.M.S., Ritu began experiencing issues with her night vision, which affected her ability to read and navigate in low light. Concerned, she visited a doctor and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). It gradually impacted her day vision as well, eventually leading to her becoming completely visually impaired. This unexpected diagnosis led her to take an eight-year break from her education and career, feeling uncertain about her future. 

Discovering Assistive Technology 

Ritu’s turning point came when she met a visually impaired person who introduced her to assistive technology. This encounter inspired her to pursue computer training with the help of screen readers through an NGO. She excelled in her training and went on to work as a computer trainer at the same NGO after completing an advanced computer course. 

Securing a Government Job 

Determined to secure a government job, Ritu learned about Vision-Aid and its IBPS course from a friend. She joined the course while continuing her job as a trainer. In 2023, Ritu appeared for the SSC CGL exam and successfully secured the position of Assistant Section Officer in the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, in Delhi. 

Gratitude to Vision-Aid 

Ritu is profoundly grateful to Vision-Aid for their courses that empower the visually impaired community, helping them achieve independence in their careers. She credits Vision-Aid for providing the necessary resources to prepare for competitive exams, including math and reasoning, despite her visual impairment. Although she had a background in mathematics, she had no idea how to study and prepare without her sight until she received Vision-Aid’s support. 

Ritu’s journey is a testament to resilience and the power of support and technology in transforming lives. 

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