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Season of giving THANKS is here!

During this thanksgiving and holiday season, the Vision-Aid team warmly wishes for you, and your family, the very best that life can offer.In this season of giving, we wanted to reach out to invite you to consider giving the valuable gift of time. We are looking for individuals, who want to make a difference, to join our team and help bring light into the lives of the visually impaired. For over 10 years, we have been offering vision rehabilitation programs to low-income, visually impaired children and adults in India, which is, unfortunately, home to the largest number of visually impaired individuals in the world. It is a great opportunity for the more fortunate amongst us, to make a difference to these individuals. We’re gratified to have been able to humbly offer our services to visually impair through our innovative programs in 6 locations in India, with 2 new locations being added in 2016.

We are a 100% volunteer driven organization. We are always looking for additional passionate and committed volunteers, who can join our team and help with various tasks, including the following: ·

  • Join our team of teachers to teach programming to the vision impaired (knowledge of the Python programming language would be ideal)
  • Support the design and delivery of Spoken English classes (Prior experience in teaching and curriculum development would be a plus)
  • Help us with technology initiatives – hardware and software development.
  • Support web site development (for a Joomla – based web site) ·
  • Helping with various program and administrative tasks such as creation of newsletters, outreach etc.

Please visit our web site,, to learn about our work, and please send email to Please include a copy of your recent Resume/CV and let us know which area you are interested in helping with, how many hours/week you can commit to, any additional background which will help us map you to available opportunities.

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Please consider supporting our efforts. Please note that Paypal charges approx. 2.3% fees for all online transactions. We would be grateful if you can add this fee to the donation. Optionally, you can mail your donation, as a check to : Vision-Aid Inc, 8 Vine Brook Rd, Lexington, MA 02421. For questions, please email or call (781) 333 5252 and leave a message.
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