Shaik Suhana: Overcoming Challenges with Vision 


Meet Shaik Suhana, a remarkable individual who has faced challenges with low vision since childhood. Despite her obstacles, she has triumphed over adversity, thanks to the support and resources provided by organizations like Vision-aid. 

Shaik Suhana’s Journey with LVPEI Rehabilitation Center and Vision-aid: 

Shaik Suhana’s journey began in 2014 when she sought assistance from LVPEI in Hyderabad. Later, she discovered the institute’s branch in Vijayawada in 2017, where she was recommended to pursue IT training. Making the decision to undergo IT training at LVPEI Rehabilitation Center in Vijayawada with total financial support for training, lodging, traveling, etc., by Vision-aid, she joined in October 2022. 

The Impact of IT Training: 

After completing her B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in 2022, Shaik Suhana decided to undergo IT training at LV Prasad Eye Institute Rehabilitation Center in Vijayawada. This training equipped her with essential skills and knowledge, enabling her to navigate computers effectively with the help of a screen reader despite her low vision. Vision-Aid extended crucial financial support, covering her IT training, accommodation, and travel expenses. Under the guidance of expert trainers, she received comprehensive IT training, learning to navigate the computer using the NVDA Screen reader software. The training, focused on auditory navigation and NVDA commands, proved invaluable for computer-related tasks. She is delighted to share that she has completed IT training and become confident in handling various computer-related jobs. 

Comprehensive Support from Rehab Center with the support of Vision-aid: 

Beyond IT training, LVPEI Rehab Center provided a wide range of benefits, including instruction in braille, mobility, home management, personality development, and spoken English. These resources empowered Shaik Suhana to enhance her skills and confidence. She is grateful for the opportunity to acquire these skills, which she believes will significantly contribute to her future endeavors. 

Gratitude and Success: 

Shaik Suhana extends her heartfelt gratitude to the rehabilitation team of LVPEI and Vision-aid for their unwavering financial support and invaluable guidance. It is undeniable that Vision-aid’s support was the cornerstone of her success, without which completing the training and securing the esteemed position of system engineer at Infosys would have been an unattainable feat. Suhana’s hard work and determination, coupled with Vision-aid’s dedication to empowering individuals with low vision and people with total visual impairment, have paved the way for her remarkable accomplishment. The support provided by Vision-aid not only transformed Suhana’s life but also played a significant role in her immense happiness and fulfillment as she embarks on her new role as a system engineer with Infosys. 


Shaik Suhana’s story is a testament to resilience and determination in overcoming challenges. Through the support of organizations like LVPEI and Vision-aid, individuals with low vision and complete visual impairment can acquire the skills and opportunities needed to succeed in their chosen paths. 

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