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Smart Vision Launch event a huge success

National Launch of Smart Vision 2.0

On January 11th, 2022 a major all-India seminar was held on the theme of “Technology-based devices for persons who are visually impaired”. The event was jointly organized by the Aravind Eye Hospital and Vision-Aid and was attended by over 60 participants representing eye hospitals and NGOs from different parts of India. The keynote sessions was presented by Aravind Eye Hospital, L.V. Prasad Eye Inst., Vision-Aid and Smart Health Global Technologies – Vision-Aid’s partner who is bringing the first AI-powered , affordable, India-made Smart glasses to the Indian market. The event covered the role of assistive technology for the visually impaired, with a focus on the new AI-powered smart glasses, and a formal launch of Smart Vision Gen 2.0. Vision-Aid is pleased to share the keynote talks and the full session recordings below.


Below are the session recording of Keynote talks from the Jan 11th, 2022 event (“Technology Driven Devices for persons who are visually impaired”)

Talk #1: The state of Vision Impairment in India

This talk was presented by Dr. Vijayalakshmi, Head of Low Vision Services at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. Please click on the link below to watch it.

Talk# 2: Assistive Devices and Technology for the Visually Impaired

Dr. Deepak Bagga, Lead for Assistive Devices at L.V.Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), Hyderabad was the presenter. To view the talk please click on the link below.

Talk #3: Introducing Smart Vision Gen 2.0

This talk was givne by Mr. Ramu Muthangi, CEO of Smart Health Global. To view the recording please click on the link below.

Talk #4: The role of Vision-Aid in Vision Rehabilitation in India

Mr. Vijay Francis, Program Director, Vision-Aid India presented this talk.

 Full event recording: Technology Driven Devices for persons who are visually impaired (Full video) 

 The full video of the event (around 4 hours) can be viewed by clicking on the link below. This recording includes additional talks by participating eye hospitals from across India.

Videos of Smart Vision

Short Overview of Smart Vision Demo (~30 seconds video):

Smart Vision Testimonial by blind users in pilot (~2.5 minutes) :

Detailed overview of Smart Vision (8-minute video)

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