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Vision-Aid is the beneficiary of the largess of some local artists. They have donated three beautiful paintings to Vision-Aid. The proceeds from the sale of these paintings will be used by Vision-Aid to provide low cost, technology based solutions for people with visual impairment.

 Vintage (1996), the painting, was donated by Ms. Vandana Sharma. Ms. Vandana Sharma is an Award-Winning Designer and Fine Artist. Her art has been displayed in many art exhibitions and she has designed several commercially successful kids’ educational products. Vandana has won the prestigious “A Design Award” in Italy for her innovative light fixture and restaurant design. Vandana has a Masters in Interior Architect from Suffolk University. Vandana is also actively involved in philanthropic activities. She offered this prized painting for the benefit of Visionaid, a non-profit that she deeply cares about. 

 This painting was donated my Dr. Lakshmi Sarma. Dr. Lakshmi Sarma is a cell/molecular biologist. She has been an art & craft lover since childhood. She turned to painting as a hobby. She loves to paint and does so when she can find time in her busy life. She deeply cares for nature. She is a strong supporter of social causes, and is proud to be associated with Vision-Aid. 


The painting above was donate dy Gopika Narula. Gopika Narula, an artist residing in Chelmsford has a passion for different forms of art from creating paintings with real pressed flowers and leaves to pottery , from  creating paintings with mixed media items to creating  art pieces depicting floral, Landscape, Seascape,Still Life theme using acrylics.

Her Artwork has been a part of many solo and group Art Shows, Juried shows at various Art Galleries including Whistler House Museum of Art, Chelmsford Center for arts and Parish Center for the arts(PCA),Library shows, Lowell Art Walk, Chelmsford Art Walk(2012),  Cuisine Art 2017 by Calcutta Club, “Doors Unhinged!”(Lowell) , Revolving Museum, Lowell and many more…

Her Art work has been honored with different awards that include: Second place in “Lowell Art Walk 2007,” First prize award in mixed media in the Fourth of July art show 2007, and an honorable mention award in mixed media category in the Fourth of July art show 2008 and others …

She has been actively involved with different Art Organizations like ALL and Chelmsford Art Society at different levels. She served as a  Board Member of the Chelmsford Art Society for 10+ years. She has been involved with different organizations promoting art and culture and plans/execute Art projects for kids at “Essence of India” event every year. She has also been honored as an art Judge at different fundraisers/events by various non-profit organizations  including Ekal’s Indiart by Ekal Vidalaya, NEMA , IANH (Indian Association of New Hampshire), Gurukool (organised fundraiser for UNICEF). Speaking of Art, she is also involved with Theatre groups(Hindi Manch and SETU)and loves to act. She also teaches Art at school, art classes , summer art camps and painting workshops for adults at different locations. She has her art studio at Western Ave Studios,Lowell. 

In her own words  “I love Art and for me Art is life !!!”

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Gopika has a special place for the visually impaired and is delighted with her association with Vision-Aid.

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