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Third batch of Digital Accessibility Testing Program students graduate!

In 2020, Vision-Aid launched the “Vissa Sahadeva Rao and Kamala Vissa Vision-Aid Center for Digital Accessibility Testing & Training” thanks to support from the family of the generous benefactors. 

The center has already trained 3 batches of visually impaired students in advanced DAT skills with a an intensive , rigorous 6-month program from the Dequeue University in the US, which offers the leading global certification program for DAT training. All students have successfully been certified by Dequeue and several have gone on to secure jobs in the industry as well as work in-house in the Vision-Aid DAT incubator.  

 Vision-Aid Digital Accessibility Testing Center

The DAT center is an incubator,  designed to be fully sustainable by engaging paying industry clients from both India and abroad in live testing projects. Through the incubator, clients are able to pay our graduates and engage them on projects which can help their digital content become more accessible.  

This is a Win-Win-Win-Win for all. 

  • A Win for the visually impaired DAT graduates who can find employment, working on paid projects for our clients or in the Industry where the demand for such skills is strong
  • A Win for our clients who get access to an excellent pool of trained talent – people with disabilities and the training needed to perform sophisticated testing 
  • A Win for Vision-Aid because it helps us meet our mission of Enable, Educate and Empower – in a sustainable manner, 
  • A Win for the World at large – as our students contributing towards making the digital world more accessible.  

Vision-Aid sendswarmest congratulations to all graduates. May they all go forth and shine – and make the digital world more accessible for all! Vision-Aid is eternally grateful to the dedicated team of the DATTC behind this successful project.  And of course, deepest gratitude to all supporters of this effort and our DAT clients for being enablers of this innovative program in Vision-Aid.

Please take 5 minutes to watch this video and “meet” the students and the team

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