Touching , Learning and Shining!

An exciting update from our “Touch Learn And Shine” program which brings tactile braille books to children in blind schools in several locations in India, helping them to “visualize” the world by adding rich content in the form of tactile images, diagrams , graphs and charts into the study materials used by the schools.  These books help the students to study STEM subjects more effectively. 

About the program

We are pleased to partner with Raised Lines Foundation (RLF), a start-up from IIT Delhi for this unique program. RLF designs, prints and distributes the books to schools inside the Vision-Aid Project Spring Board Network of Blind Schools. Our sincere thanks to the immensely passionate and dedicated team. The program is led by a retired IIT Delhi Professor and several IIT Delhi Alumni who have made a choice to invest their time and talent in this cause, despite having many lucrative career choices in the commercial sector. Our thanks also to  the many donors who support this valuable and impactful program.

Touch, Learn and Shine Program 2023 

In 2023, we continued scaling the program to distribute 1992 tactile books to 400 students in 6 new schools as listed below. The team also created accessible tactile books in multiple languages for language learning, storybooks, and activity books, focusing on STEM subjects among visually impaired students.

Schools served

1.     Victoria Memorial School for the Blind (Mumbai)

2.    Asian Aid School for the Blind (Bobbili)

3.    Vijayamary Integrated School for the Blind (Vijayawada)

4.    Helen Keller Memorial Blind School (Pallakad)

5.    Jyoti Sroat School (Meghalaya)

6.    Bihar Netraheen Parishad (Patna)


The feedback from the school teachers and principals has been very positive. They reported that the books improved conceptual understanding and excitement in learning reported by students who were able to visualize many objects through the tactile diagrams for the first time.In the feedback 100% of the teachers found increased conceptual understanding, with 90% recommending continued use of tactile books in regular class room studies for their students.


“The tactile books will drastically reduce our effort in creating handmade tactile and we can invest that time in teaching children more concepts.” – Mrs. Vasanthi, Asian Aid School for the Blind.

“My imagination is converted into touch form in these books, and it feels good.” – A 9th grade blind Student testimonial.


The “Touch Learn and Shine” Program has made a remarkable impact on visually impaired students, providing essential resources for independent learning. This successful collaboration between Vision-Aid India and RLF marks a significant stride towards inclusive education. Together, we are lighting up the path of knowledge and opportunity for those who need it the most. Thank you to all our team members, volunteers, donors and enableers for being a part of this incredible journey!

The Vision-Aid Team

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